We went out a little later and managed to lose Obi but he turned up later on the second walk. Otherwise the first walk was uneventful with just a couple of motorhomes, including Cornelia’s, along the beach track. I put the boys inside, exercised my brain for a little while then off we went again.

Isabella had only one ball as I hung onto the other. We noticed Cornelia’s van had moved and she was sitting outside. We said good morning whilst passing. The trip to Azzuro and back was punctuated with racing after the ball and into the sea. I must inspect Isabella’s wound to ensure it is clean and the seawater treatment is helping it to heal.

On the Promontory, we met Ella and Gabi but the former found the girls too numerous and bouncy for comfort, so disappeared. By this time, Obi had reappeared. More ball-throwing and back to the camping where I rode into Paleochora for bread. There were no brown loaves for some reason so I settled for a dyed round bread instead and rode back.

The first washing machine went in soon after my return. The French/New Zealand contingent had a duvet in with the wash which required an extra spin at the end. Next was Michael with one load and then the women with the young children with a goodly load mostly of children’s clothes.

There was one departure, the German couple who paid yesterday evening and hope to return. A Slovenian couple with a tent arrived first and will stay two nights. I’d just dealt with them when a single, Dutch woman in a motorhome arrived together with her Setter and a very young kitten. She is staying, initially for a month, and has yet to cross my palm. She is opposite the kitchen.

Toni and Manos have removed all of the rental tents which makes the camping look bigger. They then amused themselves with the BBQ which has been out of service since the end of the summer season. One assumes it’s now operational again.

Generally a warm and sunny day with a southerly wind. The forecast is still muttering about the possibility of minor precipitation on Wednesday but I suspect it will come to nothing.

A tiny bit warmer than yesterday by only fractions of a degree. The wind has been southerly but the beach is still well attended.


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