They go and they come

The morning was lighter as there was cloud cover which reflected the lights from Paleochora and Kountoura. Our first walk completed effortlessly so we returned to feed Moggy and exercise my brain before going out with the Girls and the thrower.

We visited Azzuro once more throwing the ball on the way back as it was getting lighter. We continued to the Promontory where we managed to lose both balls.

I rode to Paleochora avoiding the runners in the annual 21km race. My visit was to Petrakis for something to eat in the evening. It wasn’t that busy so I was soon on my way back.

There were several departees so I was soon walking around collecting money. Two of the motorhome bays were freed and a place behind Michael.

The remainder of the day is easy to summarise as it consisted of more customers to replace those which departed. We have more vans than this morning and almost as many tents. I’m told by Maria there is another customer arriving in the next thirty-minutes. It has been a constant succession of arrivals and I don’t even remember how many there have been!

The dogs have been patient as there were a couple of false-starts around teatime but they eventually got fed.

I’ve changed the numbers in the Google website so Maria will no longer be bothered by calls. After all, she’s not responsible for the camping anymore, only to the students in the classroom.

Bona and her boys came in. The boys to play football on the beach whilst she did some cleaning.

Otherwise, it’s been warm and sunny with plenty of action on the beach.

The season just goes on and on…

Warmer than yesterday with plenty of sunshine and little wind.

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