Lost dog and shoe

The final arrival was around 20:00 but, by then, I was losing count anyway. They were a couple with a small child who’d walked Samaria leaving their car at Omalos. Someone was supposed to take them back to their car but, for whatever reason, it was too late. They arrived in Grammeno and stayed the night. The man went off to retrieve the car the following morning as far as I know.

Maya woke me up barking at something at 04:00 so it wasn’t worth going back to sleep and I got up. Oskar decided to join the girls today and Sasha had a surprise when I caught her removing rubbish from one of the bins. I had to pick up the contents of two bins strewn over the beach yesterday so I wasn’t too pleased. Today, I kept a close eye on Sasha to make sure the window of opportunity for mischief was as brief as possible. She and Isabella tried to explore the area behind the Azzuro Kantina but I was watching them so they didn’t linger.

I snatched a little relaxation between walks and we set off around 06:40 in the first light of day. I took the thrower but both balls had been mislaid the previous day so I left Isabella to find at least one of them.

We’d discovered some FreeLoaders on the Big Beach earlier on. They have a small dog which erupted as we were walking back earlier. I made sure to steer the dogs away from the tent later but still the dog barked. Oskar went to investigate, didn’t have his collar on, but dutifully returned when requested. The CBs were too busy barking at each other and messing in the sea.

I threw the ball into the sea for Isabella to retrieve but she was too interested in some other ball I might have had to see where it went. It was still quite dark so I couldn’t see the ball in the water. We climbed onto some nearby rocks and Isabella then went down to the water and swam out randomly. She was looking for the ball and eventually locked onto it. She swam back to the beach triumphantly grasping the ball between her teeth. There is nothing wrong with her vision!

We continued over the rocks at the end and managed to find the other ball which Sasha had mislaid the previous day. They raced around a little and we returned via the Big Beach avoiding the FreeLoaders as well as the motorhome still parked right on the beach. A bit of a cheek if you ask me!

We met a camping customer looking for her dog which had apparently slipped out earlier. She’d seen me with sundry dogs hoping one might be hers. The offending dog was safely back when I saw the woman later. Handy really as they were leaving.

The German woman who lost her shoe called to ask if I could lend her a bike to look for her shoe which she lost on the road between the camping and Paleochora. I suggested she might ask Mickey for some help and found her later on drinking coffee in his van. Even later, she’d borrowed his scooter to search and found out from the event organisers that someone had found the shoe and tossed it in the rubbish which had since been efficiently emptied by the local authority. Surely, if you find a brand new shoe, you leave it where you find it but not toss it in the rubbish. She has since bought new shoes and walked to Elafonissi where she’d left her rental car and possessions as she flies back home tomorrow.

I came back with a loaf of bread for Lucy with the Crazy Setter (all Setters are crazy, particularly the Irish ones) and kitten, then put some washing in for the French couple in Bay 4. I managed to feed the dogs and get a cup of tea for myself.

I decided to dedicate the remainder of the day to myself whenever possible so contacted Cornelia to say I’d not be meeting up with her. Later, I put on another wash for the German couple in Bay 2 which I later returned.

The firefighter and partner left around lunchtime and the afternoon was reasonably quiet. Maria had a lesson in the reception as I discovered when I went to return keys and pick up some cable drums.

Some chickpeas are in with the Doggy Rice and I cooked some beetroot earlier. The leaves and stems are recovering in a bowl of water as they are nowhere near as good as the last beetroot I bought. There is also a cauliflower in the fridge picked up from Petrakis this morning.

It has been another warm and sunny day with hardly a breath of air. I suspect the weather is the main contributor to the lateness of the season so the punters are prolonging their stays on Κρητη. Maybe it will become quieter in November which is not that far away.

Cooler than yesterday but still above 20ºC at night.

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