Is it Wednesday?

Once more, I fell asleep watching and interesting video so went to bed.

It was a much easier morning as there were fewer vans but still the yappy dog on the Promontory. The first walk was uneventful but pleasant as there were fewer dogs to be concerned about it was a good temperature. A hoodie is good for keeping the mosquitoes out.

We came out again at 06:40 with the girls and the thrower. The only other human was swimming in the sea. Lots of ball and swimming then back to the factory where I set off for Paleochora.

I visited Anatoli and Petrakis then came back with the wind behind me.

I fed the dogs then sat with a cup of tea before dealing with a couple of support calls at Inter Sport. I was the last person logged in at Seaford so had to tell Nick to login on his account. I installed RealVNC as RDP wasn’t entirely reliable. The next call was from H-H where they are still mucking around with the Windows 7 version on the till.

The remainder of the time was taken up with multiple washing machines and one arrival so far. I received a parcel from ACS too.

The arrival is from The Netherlands, a couple with two dogs who are now next to the bar not far from Lucy. They have two Aussie dogs, an Australian Shepherd and a Kelpie. Two herding breeds and very good with it. They paid for two nights up front. They thought it was Tuesday so have fewer days left of their holiday as they said at the weekend.

The Austrians who came for one/two nights are finally leaving tomorrow after eleven nights. They seem to have enjoyed their stay but are leaving Crete at the weekend too.

A little cooler than yesterday with hardly any wind but cloudy at times.

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