Wooden Leg

I got a bit of a pain in my left leg which was causing a little annoyance but decided to use my heated pad in the night to get rid of it. The annoyance, not the leg, as I might need it in the morning.

The first walk was foreshortened especially after walking over the beach to Azzuro. I returned to bed for an hour with my pad then took the girls onto the beach where they did all the running and swimming. I chatted with Cornelia and then took back the dogs. I decided not to ride my bike and to make tea after feeding the dogs. I knew the Austrians would leave as they paid the day before.

I vegged out for a little while then went to see how they were getting on. They really enjoyed their stay and threaten to return. They particularly commented on the cleanliness of the facilities which pleased Bona when they told her.

There were two arrivals. An English couple from Chichester and a German girl who knew the other German couple with the dog who arrived yesterday. The UK couple are down by the bar, now that it’s cleared and winterised and the girl is replacing one of the Austrians.

There were several washes today including some sheets from the camping and a load for Toni. There has been a lot of wandering around in the camping and my left leg is feeling better so we should go back to usual activities tomorrow.

I had a chat with Sue at Inter Sport to sort out what will happen with the computer upgrades. She will get things moving.

A mixed day which started cool with lots of cloud but warmed up well once the sun broke through. There were even some raindrops at one point. The weather looks a little unsettled for a few days.


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