Full Moon

The wooden leg syndrome had almost disappeared although it started to reappear after a few kilometres of walking.

There were fewer cars and vans today. The car belonging to the people with the yappy dog was still in the car park however there was less yapping today. Three vans along the track including Cornelia’s VW camper. The moon was trapped behind the clouds but provided useful diffused light anyway.

The first walk ran its normal course so we returned to the camping so that I could start preparing the DDs. My failure to go into Paleochora yesterday meant there were no carrots or courgettes for the dogs. A matter I put right once the girls were suitably walked.

We walked to Azzuro and back throwing the ball as we went. Someone left a load of tomato trays by the bins so I helped myself as they are useful for storing lighter items.

I rode to Paleochora as I knew I had one departee to attend to around nine-fifteen. I visited Anatoli and then Petrakis where I ordered dog food and more Hell for Bona to quell her caffeine addiction, and returned. Shortly after, the delivery guy arrived with the dog food and Hell.

With the dogs fed and the DDs in the Pot, I went to collect money from the departees who paid by Direct Bank Transfer through lack of cash. Not long after, they left threatening to return in March or April.

The Swiss leave tomorrow after eleven nights and had drawn cash from the bank which I took care of. They provided me with some bits and pieces left over which were all very welcome and useful.

I had to remove the bedding from the extra bed in Ξ3 as I was expecting the young man arriving from Cyprus. He’d been travelling a day or so and was tired but managed to stay awake for a tour of the camping and a chat. He’s another graphics expert working as a Digital Nomad. I might introduce him to the guy who was here over the weekend.

He’s a nice chap of a mere 23 years who patiently listened to me ramble on interminably without displaying signs of advanced boredom. What a good lad! He’s staying on a room-only basis so gets no hotel services and plans to stay for a month before returning to UK. Unless, of course, he takes a liking to life at Grammeno so decides to extend his stay.

I returned to the dogs who’ve had little of my time today but managed to remain silent anyway. I soon fell asleep having updated Simon’s PC. He was on an extended Friday luncheon so I doubt he got up to much once he returned.

I was on the point of preparing the DDs when I was called away to take money from Tessa, who only arrived yesterday, and Lars and his partner who were here three nights. Having ‘done’ Elafonissi, they are, quite predictably, going to stay at Sougia. I suggested they might like to return if the weather turns horrid as we’re quite well equipped with the large room and stove.

The dogs finally got fed so I was sitting outside writing until I had too many mosquitoes whining around my head. My Φακές are in the pot cooking gently so will soon be ready to eat.

The sea front area is quite busy but the centre of the camping is thinning out a little.

Tomorrow is Όχι Day so a parade in Paleochora tomorrow. The band have been practicing beating their drum over the past few days. I know when there’s likely to be a parade. I’ve encouraged the punters to attend and recounted the history behind the celebrations.

We have reduced the quantity of facilities by 50% by bolting the shower doors from the inside. Bona’s smallest was responsible for crawling under and locking them. I see no point in having more facilities to clean and there are enough as they stand. So long as they are working properly and kept clean and supplied. The outside showers just look dirty and unkempt.

Exactly two degrees warmer than yesterday although there were a few drops of rain just as I was returning from Paleochora. The remainder of the day was sunny and warm.

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