Only One?

Happy Birthday to Oskar, Heidi, Minnie, Millie, Charlie, Malloy (AKA Benny) and one other, whose name I forget. You are eight today!

It is Όχι Day so a public holiday.

The morning was quite warm but light as the moon was with us albeit behind the clouds occasionally. Clouds of which there were many at times. The current trend is to start the day with loads of clouds and threatening skies which then give way to a sunny and warm day.

The yappy dog was still present but maybe they will leave today as it’s the end of the month. Only their car was in the car park. Cornelia’s van was opposite the field so she received a visit from Skinny who wanted to wish her a Happy Όχι Day.

The first walk was fairly uneventful other than Obi forgetting to come back from Azzuro but he appeared later when the girls were on Alonaki Beach.

Ι went over Panorama to Paleochora just for the joy of it and returned to clear the sheets from T2 and put on a wash for a customer.

I went back for a cup of tea then took out the wash putting in the sheets I’d collected earlier with some of my own.

The Swiss left this morning and I was told by the couples in Bay 1-2 they will leave tomorrow. The friends of Gabi and Manfred will leave on Monday. The English couple who arrived two days ago will continue their tour of the island in the morning.

The only arrivals are a German/Austrian couple who look a lot of fun. Franz spent time in London back in the eighties but Elke, his second wife, speaks little English. They are on Crete for a month to tour the island. They will replace the English couple who are opposite the bar but will spend the night against the restaurant kitchen.

I played with my recalcitrant mouse as it’s been playing up recently. I also went on a mission to find more flea collars for the dogs as their present ones need replacing. They don’t kill fleas anymore but still keep the sandfly at bay which is the main thing. The warmer weather has kept the flea and bug season going on.

I put my food into the pot but received a call from reception before I pressed the button on the pot. I was hoping to come back to find my food cooked but alas…

It’s been quite a relaxing day but with loads of interruptions.

A warm but cloudy start giving way to a sunny, warm day. Cooler than yesterday

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