The Yappy Dog is still present but perhaps slightly less yappy than before. It looks as though the FreeLoaders are enjoying a two-week holiday on the Promontory. The weekend could be a little mixed which might put them off. A couple of vans are still on the track and have been there for what seems like months.

There were no mishaps during the first walk and all the dogs managed to come back around the same time. Skinny loitered by the field entrance so joined the girls on the second walk which was as vigorous and excited as usual. I took them back once we returned from Azzuro as I felt Isabella had had enough.

I rode into Paleochora for some bread and came back to let the dogs out and feed them. I delivered the bread and made some tea.

I wasn’t really in the mood for getting on with things but had a go at importing this WordPress website I’m working with. I’ve not done this before so it required some research and learning.

Time slipped by and included a little sleeping too. Gaps in the day and all that.

There was a call from the US base for a tent price for two and a dog but no mention of anyone actually coming today.

Another customer was fussing about running out of gas and refilling gas bottles. I suggested getting a Greek cylinder and using an adaptor which he didn’t have. We discussed make up a replacement connector as another solution. Fortunately, a better-prepared customer lent him an adaptor so then he called me for some gas. I’d explained I had only empty cylinders as the price fluctuates but I’d order him one for delivery in the morning.

It was only when I’d fed the dogs and hopeful for a quiet end to the day that an American voice called on the phone. The couple with the dog and tent had arrived. I showed the guy around the camping but was interrupted three times in as many minutes. I wasn’t in the mood so appeared quite short. More interruptions – I can do only one thing at a time!

I ignored a call from reception so the customer decided to drive into the camping. I stopped him, told him to park up and wait his turn. I was now less than relaxed.

I finally dealt with them and went to help the couple with the rental tent they’d never seen up which they were trying to erect in the dark! Why do people arrive just as it’s getting dark?

Gabi called to ask me about the dog left of its own at the back of ABB. It would seem that Stellios has left his dog there tied up on a short rope. Gabi went there, gave it water and food.

The dog barked when we passed during the summer but, as the season was at an end and the dog hadn’t barked, I assumed it had been taken home. I don’t go in there as I have dogs with me and don’t want a fuss. I’ve also had other things to think about so didn’t go to check. Fortunately, Gabi is looking after it and I’ll catch up with her tomorrow.

Otherwise, the weather has been good with plenty of sunshine and stillness.

Not the most relaxing day so far…

Slightly cooler than yesterday but still very warm and sunny with a calm sea. There is a 50% possibility of a thunderstorm tomorrow.


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