Frost kept me amused for most of the evening with an episode of Young Sheldon before bed.

Sasha was scratching and fidgeting early on so I was awake before the alarm.

The morning was very still and quite warm. There had been a breeze the day before so I put on more layers today which was unnecessary. Yappy Dog was not so yappy and Stellios had removed his dog from behind the ABB. Maya and I went for a look and Gabi and Ella went a little later to discover the same.

We got back at 06:10, I fed Moggy and we set off again for Azzuro with lots of ball-throwing. Isabella had rolled in something absolutely disgusting so you could smell her a mile off. I decided to make sure she went in the water as much as possible.

Today’s game was to throw the balls in different directions into the sea. I’d throw one for Isabella the way we were going so that it could be picked up should she fail to bring it back. The other ball was for Sasha but in the way we’d come. She only runs after the ball intended for her however Isabella has to have control of every ball.

There were times when both were swimming out quite far. I think it’s fair to say that Sasha is becoming a very competent swimmer. Her sister, Maya doesn’t swim but goes into the water. If caught out by a wave or deeper water, she’s akin to a paddle steamer struggling in a gale!

Having worn them out we returned to the camping and I rode to Anatoli for two loaves and then Petrakis for some parts of tomorrow’s DDs. On my return, I distributed bread and informed the customer who is short of gas that a cylinder had been ordered for him. It has, as yet to materialise. There was a new girl in the chuck-out with Eleanor supervising, so it’s possible they failed to send the delivery order to Krios. I borrowed the one I left from earlier in the year back from the camping to give him. He has remained quiet so must be happy playing with it.

I spent much of the day sorting the money for October which I think was a good month. Only Georgia will know as I don’t usually do October. But it seemed busier than previous years due to the weather.

Bona came but forgot her keys so I let her in. Maria missed the school bus this morning so came racing back in to get her car to get to school. I happened to notice when I was reviewing this mornings gate activity. She was away this weekend as we didn’t see her from Thursday til Monday. Friday is her Chania teaching day.

Antonis’ wedding was at 13:00 so now he’s officially spliced. The reception was held in the room under the church. It was a nice day for it and I’m sure there will be photos.

The day has been a mixture of warm, sunny weather and significant cloud cover. Certainly not cold nor windy. The predicted thunderstorm never occurred only a few rain drops around eleven when I was showing the camping to Klaus, a potential long-stay customer. He has replaced Gabi and Manfred’s friends which is handy as they had a black van too.

The sky is looking quite forbidding.

Weather summary for October 2023

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