I was entertained by Simon Templar as I ate the Gemista Doggy Bag from the previous evening. It was very nice followed by some salad and the inevitable banana. I went to bed with a cup of tea and some music but found myself drifting off quite soon after.

All the dogs were inside other than Maya who chose to remain outside. Stepping over two large dogs in a confined space is demanding, however three is more so.

The moon has lost a lot of weight and gets up much later. The stars were visible again as the moon is only around 2% brightness at this stage of the cycle. I was dreamily walking back from our tour of the rocks when all about me lit up as if there had been a huge lightning strike. I looked instinctively towards the sky where I saw a long, bright streak of white light followed by what appeared to be an explosion of smaller particles.

Later research indicated the phenomenon was part of the Northern Taurid Meteor Shower which is most active between November 11/12. The comet Encke is responsible for this example of Space Rock. The showers contain mostly larger, less frequent events which penetrate further through the atmosphere providing more noticeable and spectacular distractions. I thought it was impressive and will keep my eye on the sky tomorrow morning should it not be cloudy.

Skinny decided to join the girls once again as we set off for Azzuro once more stopping for a chat with Cornelia who’d returned from her sojourn at Krios. She’d been surrounded by the local cats and apparently made the acquaintance of the owner who wasn’t displeased with her presence.

We reached Azzuro after several departures into the sea, which was quite rough. Isabella fearlessly braves the waves in her quest to retrieve her ball regardless of personal cost. She is very focussed on the ball.

I rode to Paleochora where I bought bread and visited Petrakis for some vegetables for the DDs and myself. I received two, free carrots too! I am now resupplied with black Kalamon olives following my previous inadvertent purchase of around 1,500gm of them.

I delivered the bread to the latest arrivals and then to Lucia before releasing and feeding the dogs. I finished off the DDs and made some tea before sitting down to chill out for a while.

Xanthippos called me over earlier as he struggled to unwind the huge coil of black piping which he was laying between the road and CBV along the newly-cleared firebreak from the day before. He explained he’d collect up the wood from the grubbed-out bushes and trees and saw it up for the fire. I now have two black pipes to step over as I leave my gate.

The morning deteriorated into wild inactivity as I might have drifted off whilst sitting in the sun. The dogs kept reasonably quiet as Xanthippos and his helper finished positioning the pipe. Apparently, more will be needed to complete the job.

Klaus and his package were reunited as he returned from his excursion to the north of the island which he’s decided he doesn’t like much. He explored some of the west coast beaches and seems to have enjoyed his walkabout. He tells me he’ll return to Germany to spend Christmas with his wife and return to Crete in February.

Bona came to give me another load of small change kindly delivered to the camping by her smallest son. She drank her Hell and then cleaned the toilets. Jamie, who was in the gentlemen’s facility brushing his teeth asked if I knew of a reliable dentist so I suggested he visit Manolis who has already seen Franz twice to deal with a recalcitrant filling. Jamie needs another Wisdom Tooth extracted as it’s causing pain. I suggested he might have all of them removed whilst he’s at it.

I eventually processed the DDs and fed the dogs. I now await the second instalment of the beans reheating in the Pot.

Despite predictions of rain, the day has remained fine and warm although quite threatening and cloudy at times. There is talk of a little rain during the night but the main event has been postponed to early on Monday which might be a bit of a bind. We shall see as the prognosis is continually changing.

Warmer than yesterday and quite sunny at times. The threat of rain persists


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