I watched Hugh Bonneville in Hunter, a police drama in two parts, where a group of anti-abortionists kidnap two young boys to bring their cause to the attention of the public. I shall probably watch the second part this evening.

The dogs were fidgety as a storm was approaching to arrive around three with thunder and lightning and around 3mm of precipitation. It was all over quite quickly so we walked in the dry.

Three motorhomes stood silent and wet in the car park as we walked towards the Promontory and over the rocks. Much of the sky was clear and the moon, when it finally arrived contributed little. I need to use my torch again.

With a box of glass recycling, we crossed the field once more with Skinny and the three girls. I left the box next to the recycling bin with the intention of transferring it at a more sociable hour. Th girls dashed about as usual and Isabella rescued her ball from the waves and the surf of Grammeno Beach regardless. There was more dashing about for around an hour in total before returning with the empty recycling boxes. I see the empty boxes are already beginning to receive some glass.

I had punters to see off so fed the dogs before going into the camping. The couple with the small caravan who have nearly seven grandchildren are going off to explore another part of the island.

I spent much of the morning playing with websites creating a user for myself to gain access to the clone site. I wrote an email with some suggestions and looked at what is still on the existing hosting. There are lots of domains to transfer so it’s going to be fun if all are needed.

I went for an extended wander of the camping to commune with the punters and enjoy the sunshine. I learned that Franz is still suffering from a stiff neck, the aftermath of a fall a day or so ago. I lent him my heated pad for some relief. I warned them of the possibility of rain in the morning and showed them the meteo weather site. Weather seems to be having problems at present. I’ll look into it.

There was no afternoon left so I’ve fed the dogs and have some cauliflower, carrots and potatoes in the pot which are now ready so require my attention.

Another Sunday bites the dust.

A damp early morning with 2.8mm of precipitation. Just enough to wet the first layer of sand. The morning was cloudy but the afternoon was mostly cloudy and fine.

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