A Spanish/American girl called to ask if the camping was open and for accommodation, promising to arrive by 22:00, to my delight. I watched the prequel to Morse where the young Morse rescued Thursday from some gangsters. I followed this with the second part of an archive piece from the BBC where two East End boys visit the sights of London. As I was staying up, I watched a further archive from 1957 comparing the lives of couples from different walks of life contrasting the lives of the wives and working husbands. It was very interesting from a social point of view and I could recognise all the household appliances of the time. The BBC has some wonderful archives!

The Spaniards arrived early but left again for Paleochora in search of food and to celebrate the twentieth birthday of one of their daughters. They said they found some food but everything was closing up by eleven.

The day started early as my phone was on charge and I wasn’t sure whether the alarm was on. I brought my phone in then fell back to sleep as there was another 90 minutes to go.

A loud barking from two large dogs in the car park must have woken the world. There was less barking on the subsequent passes. Partly due to me keeping the dogs closer to me.

Azzuro was dark and uninteresting so we came back to the barking dogs, the second pass of the Promontory then home. I left only Obi and Oskar as Luis didn’t return and Skinny was loitering.

We walked to Azzuro with three balls but one was left in the rubbish as it disintegrated. Plenty of energy was expended which was the main thing. We came back with five dogs so a full complement.

I rode to Paleochora for only one loaf and back to Lucy who told me Betty had been producing poo like rock. I suggested feeding her a little roughage so she brought me some cabbage which I cooked up with some fakes.

Giuseppe left after paying his dues. The Spanish were not up and seem to like Ξ7 as they will stay another night.

I fed the dogs and sat with some tea before putting on a wash for Mickey. I returned to my tea and went out again later to give the wash to Mickey.

There was an arrival in the form of a German couple with a VW now residing by the common room. Kevin and his wife left to explore the island and will return in due course.

I chatted to Jamie and discovered the drain is blocked in the gentlemen’s facility. I will ask Toni to check it out. I finally returned to the dogs to feed them and to cook something to eat. Pasta tonight as it’s been a busy day.

I shall be early to bed I think

A mild start with starry sky and little wind. The day was cloudy at times but generally warm and sunny. Rain is forecast for Saturday but we’ll see as it’s only Wednesday.


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