No late arrivals so it was a lazy evening watching TV and reasonably early to bed. Obi woke me in the night as he needed to go out but he was quick so I barely remembered the interruption.

It was warmer this morning with a gentle breeze which helped to keep the mosquitoes away. With no cold weather, the insects are thriving so I expect the local greenhouse owners are being annoyed by all the pests.

The large, noisy dogs were still present but less noisy than previously. The dogs kept up, we made it to Azzuro and back then past the noisy dogs to the camping after the second Promontory visit. Only Skinny came out with the girls as Luis managed to return with everyone else. I can always tell Skinny’s intentions as he lurks outside the gate into the field even though all of the other dogs are inside.

We met up with Cornelia who was up and waiting to walk to Azzuro and back with us. She was amused by the doggy antics and tells me she’s off to visit other parts of the island and then go home to sort out her smaller flat. She has moved the content of her larger flat to the smaller one so some consolidation is required.

I rode to the bakery for two loaves and then to Petrakis for some groceries. Tomorrow should be fine however the weather may be inclement on Saturday so I felt I might plan ahead.

I had laundry to return to the couple who arrived yesterday so did that before delivering bread to the lower parts of the camping. Betty seems to have produced some more regular poo so the dogs have the remains of her cabbage to eat.

I unloaded my shopping, fed the dogs and made some tea before beginning my energetic morning removing malware from Steven’s computer at LBS. This was the first time I had to access his machine after cancelling my TeamViewer account so some adjustments were required before I could begin.

There were a number of conflicting interruptions including a parcel for Lucy. I think it was the surprise one I was contacted about a while ago. There was also a trip to the men’s bathroom about the blocked drain which Toni says he will look into.

I sent some walk information to another customer and answered the phone to a prospective customer who will hopefully not arrive having been put off by the price I quoted. It’s for one night only so more trouble than it’s worth. And they invariably arrive at some point in the evening.

Bona’s smallest came for some cold Hell and I emailed MLE about investments as Paul Rowland gave up as IFA a few years back.

The temperature started to fall as the sun disappeared behind the trees and the workshop roof so I took down and folded up some clothes I washed recently.

The dogs were fed and most are now inside with Luis at my feet, Skinny at the other end of the bench, Oskar on the other. Obi is under my bed and Sasha is on the floor by the door. The other two are outside as is my soup. I’ve been kept busy and have not accomplished everything I would have liked to have done. All in all, a reasonably satisfying day.

A mild day after an equally mild start. The wind has not been very strong and has come from nearly every direction settling on north for now. Tomorrow night and Saturday morning are forecast to be wet but not very. Today was warmer than yesterday.

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