50th Anniversary

Life On Mars drew to its conclusion. I’ve seen it before but that was in Hindhead so forgotten much of the details of the plot. One of the advantages of the passage of time.

I woke at half-three for some reason and didn’t go back to sleep so was well awake when it was time to get up.

The noisy dogs were less noisy and there are fewer vans parked in the car park and along the road. Cornelia left yesterday at some point.

The mosquitoes were very active and in your face – quite literally. But the stars were bright, the sky mostly uncluttered by clouds and the moon absent. Azzuro came and went except for Luis who got distracted somewhere en route.

The girls didn’t have Skinny to keep them in order today as he was having a leisurely rest with the other boys. Most came back together only the two fluffies were a little later. Moggy was calmer today and didn’t come into the compound looking for his food. He is either brave or foolhardy to come in when the girls are about. That said, they were interested but left him alone. I’m not sure it would be the same if Oskar were about.

We walked to Azzuro once more throwing the ball and diving into the sea. I did the throwing, the dogs did the diving. Maya still only wades and doesn’t swim. Isabella swam out a long way after the ball and didn’t seem to give it a thought. Sasha swims almost as much as Isabella and is also fearless.

I rode to Anatoli for one brown loaf which I shared as usual with Lucy. It’s good to have fresh bread every day. I’m sure the staff realise I’m not just buying bread for myself.

I fed the dogs then collected money from the couple who arrived two days ago in the VW van. I was surprised they stayed two nights as I made sure they had their washing early yesterday morning. I’m not sorry they didn’t stay longer. They were no trouble just… I can’t really put my finger on it… Everyone else manages to call me but I saw the woman searching in the office presumably expecting me to be there sitting patiently on the off-chance someone might leave or arrive.

The DDs were put in the pot with plenty of cabbage. Thanks Lucy for the cabbage!

The morning dwindled away. I had lots of things I should have been doing just not much enthusiasm to do them. It was warm and sunny so there you have it.

The afternoon wasn’t a lot better although I managed to achieve a little more including sweeping the van and processing the DDs. Another warm and sunny day in southwest Crete.

It’s the fiftieth anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising against the three dictators who were running Greece in 1973. If I recall correctly, we were on holiday in Tolo in August of that year. On this day in 1973, a tank was sent to break down the gates of the polytechnic. Several young people lost their lives but the uprising likely contributed to the eventual fall of the junta.

Cooler than yesterday as forecast. There is talk of rain during the night and early tomorrow morning. High probability but low volume. I can see some weather in the distance but it doesn’t seem to amount to much.