I watched an exciting episode of Luther, a series which I’ve not seen in a long time. A exciting detective series full of plot twists. Luther is also an interesting character in his own right.

There was a brief shower in the night which lasted just long enough for me to go outside to bring in the towel and hoodie on the line. Just as I got back to bed the rain stopped.

Looking at the forecast which had threatened rain during the night and early morning, I could see rain was now forecast for later in the morning. Soon after, we were walking towards the Promontory on a cooler morning with a little wind to keep the beasts away. And then we were walking to Azzuro trying to avoid disturbing the noisy dogs, with limited success.

After feeding Moggy, the girls plus Skinny headed to Azzuro once more up the beach. It appeared quite dark as the sky was congested with black clouds to the east. Despite this, we managed to eventually find the ball on a couple of occasions although one was lost out to sea. For some reason, Isabella decided to faff around on the beach rather than go after it. Sasha stepped up to the plate and swam out a good way in a rapidly deteriorating sea. Conditions were not good so she was having trouble locating the ball. She swam past it and was still going so I called her back to the beach fearing she may be overwhelmed by the sea. She is still young compared to Isabella. We chased the ball by going onto the rocks between Azzuro and Plakaki but to no avail, only wet feet.

The way back was energetic eventually arriving alongside the Setra with the guy and his two young sons aboard. They were in the camping last year for several weeks. He came to look around the camping yesterday to find it fuller than he expected. Still, they are happy on their own recovering from the final stages of their Chicken Pox. One of the boys came out of the bus but was a little concerned about the size and quantity of dogs, so climbed a tamarisk to escape their attention. I later rescued him by removing the offending dogs.

They have adopted a small dog from Romania since last year. He seemed quite comfortable with the girls as well as the gigantic Belgian fluffy monsters belonging to the barking dog motorhome.

I rode to Anatoli for two multigrains and back just before a heavy but short-lived shower. I took refuge in Lucy’s van as we were engaged in high finance at the time.

I returned to feed the dogs and make tea for myself as it was time to have a sit. That situation lasted only a short while as Micky alerted me to the UPS in the kitchen beeping for want of mains electricity. I went over to discover the kitchen breaker had tripped, probably due to the shower. The weather is from the southwest today and there is no proper, weathertight cover to the breaker box. Any moisture entering the broken door can easily cause the circuits to trip. I reset the breaker so all was again well and the UPS stopped bleating. I managed to sit for a longer period in the warm, morning sun whilst drinking my tea.

I eventually roused myself to productive activity and set up the new AP for Michalis’ new dwelling which I have yet to visit. It is probably on the platform carved in the cliff above his greenhouses. South-facing with a fine view of the sea but prone to misadventure in the event of heavy rain preceding a cliff fall which might sweep everything to the bottom in a jumbled heap.

I eventually went down the camping to put the key in the door for Petros as he’d tried to call me and left a message. Doubtless, he’ll arrive after dark having enjoyed the sea most of the afternoon. With the southerly wind, conditions are right for surfing if you’re that way inclined.

I visited Lucy to collect more money and receive back my heated pad which Franz who had been using to sooth his strained neck and shoulder. He insists on getting me a gift although I said it was quite unnecessary.

Lucy is still waiting for a new thrower and balls for Betty who has lost her ball. I brought a couple of balls along and ended up taking Betty for a long walk onto Grammeno Beach then the Big Beach where it’s more sheltered. I had to modify my ball-throwing technique to accommodate Betty as, with the following wind, the ball went far further than she’s used to. Furthermore, Isabella is much better at finding the ball than Betty who, Lucy tells me, is deficient in the ‘nose department’.

I’ve just seen what looked like Georgia and Zoe arrive in the camping but in a different car as it looked like a Volvo. Bona said Georgia alerted her to her impending arrival.

The day has felt a lot cooler than recently which has focussed my mind on preparing the awning area for winter habitation. I’ve still not decided on the final solution for the sides as it’s gradually evolving over time. However, I need to focus on it if colder weather is approaching. Certainly, the forecast is looking unsettled from next week until the end of the month.

A much cooler day with a few showers and strong winds. Sand blowing across the beach and the sea pushed up by the wind. Further unsettled weather next week and perhaps until the end of the month.