Much Cooler

The evening passed by fairly harmlessly other than some annoyance from a customer. It felt a lot cooler inside. The AC went off for the first time although it had been mostly just circulating the air rather than cooling.

I felt a chilliness in bed but not quite enough to reach for a blanket especially as it involved getting out of bed.

The day started quite well with a very brisk walk as it was colder than it had been for a long time. The noisy dogs are still present yet less noisy and there were only two motorhomes in the car park and two along the track if you class the ginormous Setra as a motorhome. The wind was mostly from a southerly direction and I could see the sea had actually been over the causeway at times although we crossed without difficulty.

An equally brisk walk to Azzuro and back to the Promontory causing the noisy dogs to bark a little as we passed their van. All the dogs were present on the rocks, even Luis.

The girls went for a longer, brisker walk to Azzuro and then to the end of the Promontory and back with some ball throwing at the end. There was not the same desire to go in the sea as previously.

I rode to Paleochora and was back quite early to give Lucy her half of the loaf. I noticed she’d put on some layers too.

The wind had been quite strong as I rode to Paleochora and back so it felt quite chilly when sitting out on the decking. I went into the van as I had my suspicions Luis was attacking the foam cushion once more. As expected, he’d pulled it onto the floor and created a significant pile of bite-sized foam chunks. I unceremoniously extracted him to spend the remainder of the day in the SDC on his own. He felt it a good idea to bark later so I gave him back his collar. Generally, the dogs have been a pain in the bottom today so have not improved my mood.

As of this moment, Luis, Oskar and Isabella are wearing their collars, Sasha and Maya are in the former Boris compound, Luis in the SDC and Isabella and Oskar under the awning. Only Skinny and Obi are inside, curled up quite tightly as the thermometer is reading 18.3ºC. There will be some heating once I finish wandering around and finally let the dogs in. It won’t do them any harm to be outside in the cold and dark for a while. After all, that’s how it used to be in former times. It’s so quiet and uncluttered in here with just two dogs.

The residents of M7 have finally moved into their tent down by the beach. I don’t know how much longer they intend to stay but they’ve chosen the coldest day to move with unsettled weather from Tuesday night onwards.

The coolness of the weather has incited me to move on with sorting out the awning area and fixing up the other sides as it’s quite breezy as things stand. Hopefully, things will be quiet as far as the camping is concerned for a little while giving me time to get on with it.

Other than chillier, the day has been mostly sunny but a little too windy in the morning.

I’ve had to read Jamie the Riot Act as he’s been very slow at getting his act together. I can have sympathy with his various problems but he needs to sort himself out. Today has been about getting stressy with some of the punters, provoked by Luis winding me up at the start of the day.

A cool and windy start with generally southerly but turning to northerly wind later. Generally clear and sunny but felt a lot cooler than yesterday.