Lewis and his sidekick solved another Oxford murder as I munched my evening nosh. It was a lot warmer in the van as my feet were almost warm at bedtime. I put on a thicker blanket but didn’t need to heat my feet.

There was no wind and it was milder than the previous days. The cold of a couple of days ago was, fortunately, short-lived. The sky was mostly clear so the stars looked great. It’s a little while before the moon joins us again.

The van was there but the dogs didn’t seem to be barking. Perhaps they are used to us now. Even so, I tried not to get into their space too much. The other van is in the car park, the Setra still in the same place as is the Austrian van which has been around on-and-off, for months.

Everyone eventually arrived at Azzuro or near offer although I didn’t hang around when dishing out biscuits as I don’t see why I should. The walk back was easy as was the Promontory if only Isabella and Maya would stop having a go at each other. Indeed, it is mostly Isabella who is the perpetrator when we’re out but Maya when we’re at the camping.

We went out again to Azzuro with Skinny on his usual parallel walk. I could see his flashing light in the distance. Isabella and Maya raced after the ball and so did Sasha a few times until Isabella mislaid the second ball and I didn’t have a spare.

On The Promontory, we tried a different approach. Whereas normally, Isabella would be the guardian of the balls, today we broke with tradition as we were down to only one ball. It confused both Isabella and Sasha but at least Sasha got to run after the ball occasionally. I physically restrained Isabella from going after the ball as she was unable to sit for more than a few seconds before getting up again. Sasha seemed reluctant to bring the ball all of the way back probably because Isabella usually grabs it before she’s able to. Sometimes, if Isabella’s ball is lost, it may delay her enough but mostly, she hares after Sasha’s ball abandoning hers. Today, I took charge of the ball so Isabella was much more attentive and stayed close all of the time.

I rode to Anatoli and back quite quickly as time was getting on due to our extended walk. The walk distance was almost the same just the time was longer due to searching for lost balls and preventing Isabella from dominating everything as usual. On the way back, work on the rockfall had started but it didn’t require the traffic to be slopped. They seem to be starting around 08:45 now.

I fed the dogs then got one of those annoying jobs out of the way. There has been a small pipe connected to the end of the kitchen waste pipe since the grey water tank was removed back in the summer. The pipe is too small to take the volume of water and is constantly knocked down from its blocks by the dogs. The new pipe is about four times the area and lashed to the metal post supporting the roof and the PV panels. Only time will tell the success or otherwise of the installation. The plants will get plenty of water.

I carried on moving websites for Barbara and wrote her an email. I cleaned up the large, grey dog bed which is now on the decking under the awning for Maya who spends most nights outside. It has a blanket and provides a little protection from the draught now that it’s colder at night.

Later, I washed all of the doggy blankets which now adorn the wire fences and will eventually make it to the washing line when they are lighter and less wet. They have not been washed in quite a while so required a couple of washes and rinses.

A couple arrived in a motorhome just after I came out of the shower which was not too warm. Apparently, according to Toni, the solar water heater needs more water in the primary. This will need doing as we now have no hot water for the Ts and Ms should there be demand. The motorhome couple are down behind the customer kitchen and will stay a couple of nights at least.

Otherwise, the day has passed quickly and has been sunny and warm. Mickey took one of his little fiends to Chania for some shopping. They seem to have enjoyed their outing.

One degree warmer than yesterday and a lot warmer than Sunday when it was really chilly. There is still talk of thunder and a little rain in the latter part of the night. Only about a month until the shortest day then it’s all downhill to summer. As if!