There were no calls or other annoyances so I was able to enjoy episodes of The Gentle Touch, The Good Karma Hospital and Rumpole of the Bailey. I rushed around earlier to make sure everything was in order in case it rained.

I woke around one because I’d managed to fall asleep with the radio on and my head torch on too. I went outside to plug my torch into the charger and to take my phone off the charger. I also turned off Radio Paradise and went back to sleep. There was no rain.

The alarm sounded at 04:15 as is its habit. I examined the weather forecast before committing myself to any further involvement in the day. I could see there was no serious precipitation still forecast just the possibility of some small amounts. I committed to the day and slung on some clothes.

There are now four vans in the beach car park and still none along the track which makes life easier for me but less interesting for the dogs.

We sped to the rocks and then crossed over then off to Azzuro for the first visit. There was celestial entertainment from the distant lightening although stars and planets were still visible via the extensive gaps in the clouds. It seemed to me the easterly wind was blowing the westerly weather north over the mountains which suited me fine. I still kept a regular eye on things.

The goat cadaver is still very attractive to the dogs one day on, so I had to become quite assertive to prevent too much interference from them. We did biscuits and set off back towards The Promontory avoiding a repeat cadaver performance on the way back.

The weather was deteriorating so I was keen to make good progress back to the rocks and the camping. The dogs seemed more interested in stopping to look around them than actually making determined progress.

I came out with the three girls and made it to Azzuro and back before drops started to fall from above. We played ball by the Big Beach but the rain became more determined so I called it a day and retuned to the van. I amused myself on my computer before riding into Paleochora for bread and a quick visit of Petrakis for some lemons and oranges too.

I spotted this water spout as I rode in to Paleochora so photographed it for posterity.

I completed my shopping then rode back to Grammeno against the wind. I dropped bread to Lucy then ended up taking Betty for a little ball-throwing session on the Big Beach. This made up for the shorter session earlier and she seemed to enjoy it. Apparently, she only brings the ball back to me. I suppose it’s just a matter of expectations.

I released and then fed the dogs before getting on with the rest of my day. By now, it was sunny and warm so I removed layers until I was in shorts and a t-shirt.

The day didn’t really have much going for it as I had equally low expectations of the weather which promised showers most of the rest of the day. I cooked some chickpeas for a mega-salad later. Put on a wash for a lady with two children in one of the car park vans and welcomed back the walkabout team who’d been as far east as Koutsounari where they camped and Ierapetra which they visited. They particularly enjoyed Chania old town and a memorial cemetery near Souda Bay. They commented the difference between Grammeno and other campings is that the inmates actually interact and talk to each other.

There was quite a heavy shower later in the afternoon with associated wind. There will probably be further showers later and possibly early in the morning too. The forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday looks similar to today. Time will tell.

Cooler than yesterday with showers throughout the day of which some were quite heavy and determined. The forecast is better for tomorrow but possibly a little uncertain from Tuesday.