Angry Sea

The heating was on again as it was cold. I joined Jack to find out who did what to whom. I’ve seen it before but forgotten the plot. Or maybe I just lost it… I dined on a massive salad with chickpeas, beetroot and the full array of nuts and black olives. Bed was not late as I was tired after my demanding day.

There was no rain in the night so we went out on the first walk which we managed to complete with only a little moistening as we crossed the rocks. The sky started off with clear patches and clearish moonlight but was gradually overcome by cloud.

I decided to risk it with the girls but we got wet on the way to Azzuro so stood soggily under the bar area until it reduced to only light rain then went back to find the others. I then rode to Paleochora after a pause whereupon the sky cleared just a little and the rain stopped. I bought bread for Lucy and I and ordered a 10kg gas bottle for Franz.

I took bread to Lucy and gas to Franz then took the girls out for a quick romp on the beach as compensation for the earlier rather pathetic walk. Lucy and Betty were playing with a ball but, as usual, Isabella needed to take control of every ball. Betty seemed to get on well with the girls presumably because they’re girls and fewer of them. She was a little overwhelmed when she met the entire shower the other morning.

Upon my return, I said goodbye to Klaus and collected money from Jessica and Mickey. Jessica and Darien leave tomorrow but will return to pick up the kitten once it’s old enough to travel. Michael just paid up front for his stay.

I went back to the dogs to make tea and chill out. I sorted out a problem for Wokingham Embroiderers as their site stopped working when I changed the php version to 8.0. They now have the latest version of WordPress which works as expected.

The morning consisted of a number of showers with sunny intervals. I kept myself busy with cups of tea and other useful activities until I received a phone call from a couple in a motorhome from The Netherlands. They have chosen the pitch vacated by Klaus earlier. He says he’ll probably return in February and he still has some nights left from his block.

One of the ladies will stay for a while and says she wants to be here for Christmas, the other is only visiting with her little dog which apparently, doesn’t like cats. A problem as her friend has a cat, requiring the woman to spend the night in a tent with her dog! Such sacrifice!

The afternoon passed with more showers and I eventually fed the dogs then took the girls out again to the beach followed by the Big Beach. They were full of dinner so I didn’t expect them to be too active. Indeed, Maya was more interested in a bone she found, possibly left over from the morning. She eventually joined us back at the camping once it had been demolished.

I put on some food for me. Tonight’s extravaganza consists of new potatoes, a lovely cauliflower and some fresh carrots. I will graze on other things depending on how hungry I still feel afterwards.

A generally unsettled day with a mixture of showers and sunny intervals. Warmer than yesterday as the wind and weather is from the south.