Simon Templar was showing his driving skills in a Rally. Fortunately, he had everything worked out so was able to thwart the saboteurs who tried to nobble his motor on the eve of the race. Needless to say, Simon won the race.

He was followed by Rowan Atkinson as Commissaire Maigret solving the Picardie Murders. I think these episodes are filmed in Eastern Europe but look very Paris-like nonetheless. Even Mme Maigret helped out in this story!

I made it to the end and then fell asleep until after ten. I went outside because Maya was barking at something in the darkness. It was very mild so the van door was open and the gate not closed. Soon, there was Maya, Isabella and Sasha barking at, what turned out to be Iera who’d decided to pay a visit.

I put Isabella and Sasha inside and tried to bring Iera into the inner compound as the outside gate had been left open anyway. Stupidly, Maya took it upon herself to defend us from this viscous intruder by barking loudly. Iera retreated into the field so I followed her to coax her back into the compound. I’d threatened Maya with all kinds of terrible consequences should she recommence her nonsensical barking. I finally engineered Iera inside and, of course, Maya didn’t make another sound until morning even though she spent the whole night with Iera!

So it was eight dogs on a warm, partly-cloudy but still moonlit morning. The lagoon was full again as the sea was from a generally southerly direction. We’d have had a lot of difficulty crossing the rocks and causeway so we retraced our steps to get to the next point on our walk.

We made it to Azzuro via a now sandy beach lovingly levelled by the sea which had chiselled out the stones. We didn’t bother with the rocks on the way back as that would have been too dangerous given the conditions.

I took four girls, Skinny and Oskar on the second walk leaving just Luis and Obi to enjoy the music in the van. We went to Azzuro once more with lots of ball-throwing and running about. Isabella and Iera got quite excited and noisy so hopefully, the sound of the waves drowned that out. The weather stayed fine until we’d done the Promontory beaches and back to the camping.

I rode to Anatoli for three loaves of bread and then back along the cycleway strewn with pebbles at some points. There didn’t seem to be any activity at the rockfall works.

I made my bread deliveries then fed the dogs, made the DD’s and then some tea for myself. Shortly after, Iera was spirited away by her master.

The morning trundled by with no great enthusiasm on my part and I may have fallen asleep.

Jamie, who’d asked to use the washing machine yesterday evening, asked if it would be possible to put on his wash. He travels incredibly light so I knew he’d have very little so absorbed his meagre belongings into my wash.

The interesting Spanish lady came to reserve a spot afterwards, the second wash of the day. Knowing Jamie, I hung his stuff in the storeroom as there’s an airer and a clothesline. I knew he’d want to hang it around the stove in the Common Room and Georgia would have gone ballistic if she’d seen it. I lent Jamie some shorts and a T-shirt so he could wash all of his stuff and not have to sit around in a towel until it dried.

I completed the DDs, returned the wash to the Spanish, took another for the French and went back to feed the dogs. The last wash is on a timer for tomorrow at 08:30.

Franz informed me he’d be leaving on Friday morning to do a whistle stop tour of the island before sailing back to the mainland in early December. Jessica, who’d planned to leave today has managed to reschedule her return ferries so will leave in ten days. By this time, the kitten, which is looking a lot more the part, should be fit to travel with his new pet passport. At present, the kitten is living a life of luxury in the Common Room being doted on by Jamie and Darien. Interesting how both with similar afflictions are able to concentrate their efforts onto one, small kitten. I noticed too that Jessica has supplied Jamie with some wholesome food in return for his dedication and friendship with Darien.

An amazingly mild day with a mixture of cloud, blue sky, sunshine and showers. Typical April weather in UK. More showers could materialise tonight but nothing adventurous is envisaged. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler but more stable weather is on the cards.