The good lady professor explained the history and workings of the electric car whilst I ate my mega-salad. Apparently, there’s this guy called Elon Musk who has a small electric car company. Historically, as I’ve previously heard from alternative sources, the electric car first appeared on the roads of America at the end of the 1890’s. It was in a rudimentary form with lead acid batteries and little protection for the driver and passengers. The EV was very popular until the Ford Motor Company started churning out the Model T which was more affordable than the EV and conveniently burned fossil fuels so provided greater range. In UK, the EV was also very popular but in the guise of the electric milk float of which there were thousands. Incidentally, they are still being used by at least one milk delivery company.

I watched a quick episode of The Good Karma Hospital then retired to my bed to be annoyed by a mosquito which insisted on buzzing around my held incessantly. I made a note to reinstate the mosquito net which is now pristine and lovely having been recently washed to remove around 500kg of Grammeno dust.

The night and the morning were mild as we discovered as we sallied forth. The moon was doing a very good job at lighting our way. I hardly needed my head torch except over the rocks which were more inviting than the previous day. But still not to be entirely trusted!

The glorious vista of unspoiled sand on Alonáki Beach has been peppered with stones and pebbles regurgitated by the sea following its recent cleaning operations. Indeed, the sea was a lot calmer than of recent days. We completed the first walk leaving Oskar, Obi and Luis in the van as Skinny wanted the extra excitement of watching the Crazies at work.

Another trip to Azzuro following a detour to the glass recycling ball to offload the latest contributions by the inmates. We chased the ball in the darkness more or less successfully on most occasions. By 06:30 daylight started to make a contribution as the moon had been obscured by the clouds which kindly supplied some light rain for our amusement. Regardless of adversity, we continued over the Promontory, the rocks and thereabouts in the vigorous pursuit of the ball(s).

I rode to Paleochora to buy only one loaf of bread as only Lucy and I are partaking today. I dropped my faithful bread bag on the way so needed to ask for a new one.

I dropped bread, talked to Kevin about the hardware store location then fed the dogs before making tea for myself. I was about to park myself in my chair to enjoy my tea when I remembered the French laundry still in the machine from the timed wash earlier. This was spurred by a message from Jessica to use the machine since she’s now staying on another ten days.

I eventually drank my tea then went down to Franz so that he could settle up as they’re leaving tomorrow. He says he’ll take one of the places next to the road so that he can leave early without disturbing the other punters.

A phone call took me to reception where three people were waiting to check out the camping. Two are French but one German. They decided to stay in Ξ6 as well as a small tent. The woman would have gone in the tent but didn’t have the gear. I gave them the cabin for 30€ and the tent plus one for the normal, discounted winter price as I’m kind.

I had a support email from Barbara about her emails which are more complicated than usual as she routes it all to Gmail as far as I could understand. Fine by me but she needs to change the Google server settings now we’ve shoved it all over to my hosting. I’m sure I sent her all the details when I set up the account.

The afternoon passed quickly with me changing my bed and putting back the mosquito net to avoid whining insects in the night. I’m still sitting outside but some annoying insects are appearing and it’s a little too cool to be sitting. The sun will set very soon.

After a mild but slightly damp start to the day, it continued sunny and warm with no wind!