Only Three Weeks

I fell asleep in front of the box having watched the second, very gripping, part of Hunter followed by Young Sheldon, Halt and Catch Fire and something less inspiring on YouTube. Hunter produced a good ending although not everyone was a winner. If you’ve not seen it, you might wish to.

I retired to bed under my clean mosquito net amidst clean sheets. All of those little creatures that sleep with me will have to find new accommodation. The night was uneventful other than I was awake at 03:00 which is the penalty for going to bed at 21:15. Anyone who tells me I should sleep for eight hours…

The morning was mild, dry and moonlit so good progress was made to the rocks and then to Azzuro. No real change at Azzuro except there are more stones on the, once pristine, sand. Not everyone turned up for biscuits but I marshalled them on the way back with no absentees except for Luis. What a surprise!

I managed the walk to the rocks without a torch which gives a good indication of the amount of light the moon reflects during this phase of its cycle. After more biscuits, we continued on over the causeway and back to the camping where the boys, except for Skinny, went into the van. Having fed Moggy and put on a wash for the French, we started out once more for Azzuro.

It was still quite dark as it was just after six. We lost and then found the ball a few times and then went around the Promontory briskly as I wanted to get back to the camping. The plan was for Kevin to swap places with Franz who should have changed places before dark but was late coming back. I suggested manoeuvring in the dark might be hazardous due to the trees so I proposed we wait until daylight.

Franz moved his van out of the way so that Kevin could take his place then set off for the reception with me keeping an eye on any branches which might be in the way. It was 07:30 as he drove through the barrier.

Franz had decided to donate his gas bottle to Mickey who later discovered he didn’t have the correct adaptor to use it. He will go to Paleochora to try to work something out at the the agricultural store where they seem to sell everything.

Jamie told me he was locked out of his room because the door lock was broken. We managed to slide him into the window at the back so that he could open the door from the inside using the key. Toni examined the door catch but will replace it as it’s unreliable and worn out. It’s been a little tricky for some while.

Having bought oranges from the supermarket this morning Manolis gave me a huge bag of oranges and mandarins. I have sorted them out and put them in plastic trays as then I can keep an eye on them picking out any rotten ones as necessary.

I wrestled with the boiler as it was showing a burner over temperature error and wouldn’t restart. I told Georgia who was going to call someone to come check it out but then the power was turned off as there were works on the local grid. Luckily, the boiler responded to my entreaties and decided to work. It still needs someone to fix it definitively.

I cooked lots of food for me, beans for later with carrots and leek with some garlic just to add flavour. Tomorrow is mega-salad day so I also cooked some beetroot and I’ll cook the beans which are now soaking before the DDs go in tomorrow morning. Forward planning and all that.

There were no arrivals, just one departure leaving a space for another van or two by the beach. I did the end of month account but couldn’t print it as there was no electricity in the office due to the power cut.

When I phoned Georgia about the boiler and the water heater on the workshop, she told me Zoe has CoVID. First Maria, then Zoe. If Georgia’s managed to avoid it, I shall be most surprised.

Betty found me as Toni and I fiddled with the lock on Jamie’s cabin and insisted I play ball with her. I could hardly refuse as she’d brought the ball to me and lead me to the thrower. She’s not daft! Lucy gave me some salad today as she had made more than she wanted. I have yet to sample it and will probably eat it after my beans which are now ready for my attention.

In just three weeks the Winter Solstice will take place and the days will start to get longer in the evenings only. We have to wait until 14 January 2024 before the sun rises a little earlier.

On the whole, it’s been quite a busy day!

Monthly summary for November 2023
A mild start with plenty of moonlight followed by a warm, sunny day with little wind. The weekend is looking good however things could become unsettled from Wednesday.