Active Sunday

I watched Heartbeat and then an interesting YouTube video on the environment until it was time to go to bed.

The night was interrupted by Maya barking at something. Shouting at her didn’t work so I got up suspecting it might have been Iera at the gate. I didn’t see anything, told Maya to shut up and retired back to my boudoir until the alarm.

Another mild morning but the sky was completely covered so only filtered light. Just as the dogs got to the road, a car drove down from the Kountoura road towards the beach where another car was parked. Perhaps it was a tryst as the two cars didn’t hang around and left immediately. They were probably not reckoning on bumping into some crazy Englishman and a load of dogs at 04:30 on a December Sunday morning.

We completed the usual route and were just returning to the van when the power went off as expected and we were plunged into darkness as the streetlights went out.

All of the boys stayed in the van, I fed Moggy and the girls and I set off back to the beach in the darkness although there was some light starting to appear to the east.

To Azzuro and back throwing and losing the ball a few times. I had to ask Isabella to point out where the ball was as I couldn’t see it! More throwing on the Promontory by which time it was almost light and back to the van.

I went to Paleochora for bread. Anatoli was in darkness but they had bread to sell which was the main thing. They didn’t feel it was worth running their generator it seemed.

I delivered the bread and fed the dogs before making tea and sitting down for a while. I wandered the camping once the power retuned around 10:00 to see the boiler was working as well as all the WiFi.

A wave of enthusiasm came over me so I managed to complete a number of tasks including emptying the loo, cleaning the cat boxes, changing the former Boris enclosure back to a pussy protected zone. Chateau Boris is now kitted out for pussies including food bowl, a container of food, water, some bottles of replacement water and a piece of carpet.

The daft female, who’s been absent for most of the summer, retuned to drive me potty. There was plenty of food in the storeroom but she, I finally worked out, needed to have a different bowl with the same food, elsewhere in order to be satisfied. Hence the conversion of the smaller compound back to a pussy protected zone. They also have the chateau to get out of the rain and cold if they so wish.

I trimmed some carob branches which were annoying me and interfering with the gate light. The dreaded carobs grow like Topsy.

The dogs were finally fed and were inside. I’ve reloaded my phone but notice Cosmote has removed the smaller package I was using. I can understand why as it was great value. I now have to spend 11.50€ for more stuff I don’t really need. Still, so long as the package is renewed, the data moves on to the next month.

Another mild but windier day under a mostly cloudy sky. Monday is looking about the same but becoming unsettled from Tuesday. I can see why Georgia has gone back to her flat in Chania!