I ate the second part of my big beans and associated vegetable whilst watching Joe 90 and a further episode of Halt and Catch Fire, the drama about the company trying to clone the IBM PC without infringing their rights, it was a good episode. I followed this with an interesting DW documentary about the Russian conquest of the Arctic on YouTube.

The alarm woke me to a mild morning with hardly any clouds. We were out a little later as I took a minute or two to reply to an email to Barbara about her website. As you do at 04:15.

The sky was clear so it was a glorious morning for walking the Promontory. There was a little wind from a generally easterly direction so the sea was a little stirred up. Only one car was parked along the track and only one Setra bus was in the car park. We completed our first walk and returned to the van.

I fed Moggy and put some chickpeas on to cook as they’d been soaking overnight and the previous day. They are for my mega-salad this evening.

It was lighter as we walked the track towards Azzuro. The track is easier and quicker than walking the beach all of the way and I wanted to go to Petrakis as well as the bakery. We set off with two balls of which one was abandoned on Alonáki Beach. The other made it back to the camping but was showing extreme sighs of distress so will be chewed to pieces eventually. Isabella had to take turns with Sasha as we had only one ball. She’s getting better at not being totally in control but there’s a way to go yet.

I rode to Paleochora and bought a loaf then a visit to Petrakis as there are DD’s to prepare in the morning and the potential for precipitation. I didn’t hang around as I knew there was a wash to go into the machine. The ride back was rapid as the wind was behind me.

Indeed, the customer with the wash was putting it outside the door as I put the doggy chicken legs into the freezer in the central kitchen. My only wash of the day however.

After feeding the animals I put away my purchases and sat down for a while. Later, I felt inclined to do something more active so cleared off the decking and swept it prior to treating it with teak oil. Not my favourite task as it’s a little smelly and I’d been putting it off as I didn’t think I had a decent roller or handle. Having found both in the storeroom, there was now no excuse other than to get on with it.

In the past, I’ve been a little relaxed and the wood was starting to show signs of cracking. I have two tins left so may give the worst areas another coating tomorrow if it remains dry.

Bona came to clean and called me asking for some cold Hell. I had only one can in the fridge. Noel, her youngest was with her. Apparently, he’s been very unwell recently. She took him to a local doctor who she said was useless. Noel had a temperature around 40ºC and the family could not bring it down. Finally, they got a taxi to take him to see a doctor in Chania, at a cost of 100€ what’s more. He’s now feeling better and went back to school today. But I’m always mindful of Andrew Pratt, a boy who had flu and wound up dying of Encephalitis only a few days after he appeared to be well again. I suspect, from the description given by Bona, Noel had Scarlet Fever which I now know is bacterial and not viral. Easily transmitted in school and usually restricted to children under eleven.

I went back to clean my roller then take some rubbish to the bin. On my way back, I closed the barrier but very soon after encountered a VW camper driving around the camping. I deliberately made it difficult for the driver to pass between me and the main bathrooms but he just kept going. Probably, the look on my face gave it away.

I’d closed the barrier so knew they couldn’t escape without me catching them. I asked if they needed any help but the man replied they were not staying but just came to look around. I suggested they might have walked around the camping but the guy replied there was no one in the office and the barrier was open. “If you don’t want people driving around the camping, why leave the barrier open”.

I opened it and saw them on their way. They turned right at the entrance so I imagine I’ll find them parked on the track or in the car park tomorrow morning. Just let them try to use the camping facilities! Unpleasant behaviour and attitude! Even the Swiss say their countrymen can be difficult.

I went back to feed the animals once more and tidy up after my deck painting excitement. Mega-salad awaits me and I might put on some socks as I’ve not yet shoved my feet under Oskar to warm them up.

Jessica’s son, Darien, celebrated his eighteenth birthday today. There are far worse places for a celebration than Grammeno.

I wrote a pleasant message to Maria, who’s the worst culprit for leaving the barrier open, asking her to close it if she should find it open. I think she got the message.

A mild and clear morning followed by a reasonably warm and sunny day with a gentle, mainly easterly wind at times. Tomorrow onwards will be unsettled. Ever so slightly warmer than yesterday.