I gave BritBox a miss and watched a Perry Mason film which are the same length as a series episode. It was a good story with some interesting twists and characters. The TV movies were made in the eighties with a somewhat larger Perry although Della is still wearing well. The other characters from the original fifties series are, by now dead having made it to the mid-sixties or nineteen seventy in the case of William Hopper who played the part of the Private Investigator. Interestingly, they all died from lung-related illness, cancer, emphysema or pneumonia in the case of Hopper. In the fifties series they were never without a cigarette in their hand. Raymond Burr died of liver cancer at 76 and Barbara Hale was the winner at 94 and died of heart failure! The MD has to put something on the death certificate.

The night was noisy as Maya was barking at something in the early hours and then there was the rain, around 7mm of it! It came down quite hard accompanied by thunder and lightning. I’m just glad my bed is inaccessible to all but me!

We were out later as it was still raining at getting up time. Today, we all walked twice to Azzuro and then I took the girls out onto The Promontory with the ball for a short time. We still managed to complete 8km, at least I did although they would have done much more. It would be interesting to measure how much ground they cover compared to me.

I went to Paleochora for a quick visit of the bakery and then back enduring some dampness on the way. This was exacerbated by my folly of taking Betty and her ball onto the beach for ten minutes. I could see the rain in the distance but Betty was so interested in the sea weed she wasn’t paying attention to where she’d left the ball. I went back to find it and encourage her to join me and we all got wet! We sheltered under Lucy’s awning as it was but a brief shower.

I fed dogs, made tea and put the power back on in the bays as it had tripped out. The boiler was unaffected for a change. The long window in the central kitchen had found its way out of the reveal so Kevin and I pushed it back in before it fell onto the compressor for the refrigerated display in the kitchen.

I made myself some Φακές with potato, carrot, garlic, leek and anything else to hand. It’s keeping warm in the pot at present.

The courier delivered some battery cable terminals for me and the postman brought a package and card for Lucy. I had a conversation with Jessica about one of the cats which has an ominous internal growth. She has whisked the cat off to see the vet. I chatted with Jamie and then went back to feed the dogs. Maria brought me some Gemista, courtesy of Mrs Martha.

Weather Underground is foretelling more rain tomorrow perhaps from early in the morning but more likely, at this point in time, in the afternoon. Today has not been cold but just humid with short sunny intervals and the occasional brief shower. The rain count so far is 8.2mm which is unlikely to change significantly before the day is out.

The thermometer insists it’s 20ºC in here but I’m unconvinced. Probably due to the humidity which, unsurprisingly, is quite high.

After a wet start, a dry walk and slightly soggy ride back from Paleochora. Brief sunny internals and equally brief random showers. Tomorrow is forecast to be wetter, predominantly the afternoon.