Hercule resolved yet another intriguing murder with so many possible perpetrators in the room. I munched my fakes and wasn’t long before bed

There was no significant precipitation in the night and the rain forecast for the walking hours didn’t materialise. Thankfully. Several vans and a car were parked drably in the beach car park.

The girls met a young Greek dog recently adopted by a German couple in a motorhome. Skinny tried to invite himself inside with his boundless affection for everyone. The couple came to the camping later for a look around. They heard there are some special offers available…

I managed a dry run to Paleochora and back but stopped only for two loaves of bread. The sky cleared as it had been murky earlier.

I delivered bread, fed dogs and made tea. The cats were fed earlier. I seem to become more popular with the cats as the weather turns cooler and wetter.

There was one departure who paid on Monday so it was just a matter of seeing them off. There are more possibilities for vans near to the sea now, especially if ever Jessica and Darien leave.

I went back to the dogs and sat outside with a blanket as it wasn’t warm. There was rain forecast for the afternoon which materialised but not in the quantity anticipated.

Toni called to say some punters were at the entrance and wanted to use the washing machine. A Swiss couple in a Toyota LandCruiser. They initially wanted only the washing machine but I took the woman down to see the machine and wandered her around the camping. They finally decided to stay and are now opposite the central kitchen with their laundry in the machine on a timer to be ready for the morning. They have toured the Americas from south to Alaska. They also visited China back in the eighties as well as India. They enjoyed Scotland and Ireland too. They seem a well-grounded couple who take pride in not having a phone, just a tablet. I managed to thaw them out so they spent a while showing me their van and telling me stories of their travels.

I fed the dogs a little earlier and retired inside as it was cold and more rain was forecast. I’d been outside for most of the day anyway.

I’m sat at the back of the van with Isabella’s head against my left thigh. Obi is next to her and Skinny, on the other bench, next to Obi. Luis and Sasha are on the floor at my feet and I think Oskar is on his own at the front somewhere. Maya is outside where she seems to prefer to be. The Husky in her.

A gloomy yet also moonlit and dry start to the day despite the forecast. There was some rain in the afternoon and it was overcast. More rain is falling right now. I’ve fixed the Air Quality readings which now realistically indicate the air quality outside on the decking. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny! The weekend, not so much…