More detectives, this time Lewis and Hathaway were fathoming out who was responsible for multiple murders, in Oxford of course.

It was raining when I woke up giving me the perfect excuse to go back to sleep. I silenced the alarm and delved back under the covers. There was no excuse come five as the rain had stopped and the natives were becoming restless. I got up and off we went.

The forecast did not rule out the possibility of rain but only a little fell. I took all of the dogs to Azzuro and back twice then the girls out only onto the beach and The Promontory.

I rode to Paleochora and back for bread. I didn’t hang around as the sky was still quite dark and cloudy. I took Betty for a quick run on the beach and bumped into a lady who stayed at the camping with her husband two years ago. I lied to her as I didn’t remember her but that’s the usual problem. One of me and lots of them.

I made the DDs and sat outside in the sunshine. There was wind so it felt a little cool. Much of the remainder of the day has been taken up with a support call from Peter in Haslemere, one of the few remaining customers from the days of Hindhead Computers. He’s rather let things slide with his IT setup so needs to be brought back into line.

The Swiss couple went for a walk and, contrary to my expectations, have decided to stay another night. Since they came only wanting to use the washing machine, I’ve managed to upsell them a little.

The day has been sunny but not very warm. The heating is on in the van and I have my StarWars socks on to keep my feet warm. The dogs are sleeping off their supper so it’s time for me to have mine.

Some rain early and then drizzle. The days was sunny and a little windy. Certainly not warm as far as I was concerned. Quite a bit cooler than yesterday.