Mixed viewing but included a visit to a holiday camp with Grantchester and plenty of fun with Luther. Certainly no violets or cannibalism! Luther was as cool as ever, he’s a dude! I ate my cauliflower, peas and potatoes whilst watching.

It seemed quite chilly this morning so I wished I’d put on another layer or even my socks and boots. With the sea being still quite active, I’d rather not get my boots wet.

Only the girls and Skinny went to Azzuro twice today, the others were in the van for the second visit. It was reported to me that a small, red, flashing light was detected within the camping this morning. Jessica met Luis on the way to the loo.

Isabella lost her ball before we got to the Promontory so our visit there was shorter as a consequence. I wanted to get on as I realised my bike’s rear tyre was punctured last night. It has been on my list of jobs as I bought spare tyres a while ago in anticipation of RadPower closing down their EU supply chain. Once back, I took off the wheel and got on with it. It was after nine before I was on the road as I also replaced the disk pads which took up more time. Nothing like preventative maintenance and this was nothing like it!

I bought bread and had a quick visit of Petrakis as it is DDs day and I had little choice too.

The Swiss couple were ready to leave so I took their money and suggested they stay at Gialiskari, walk Anydroi Gorge and visit Azogires which was on their list anyway. They went off leaving me 5€ for luck.

Kevin took bread to Lucy and for himself. I returned to the dogs, fed them and then went down to see Jessica who might finally leave today. Darien was still mourning the loss of the kitten but was sitting happily surrounded by plenty of cats. They finally left the camping around midday.

The afternoon was spent chasing Peter’s calendar around his computer to no avail.

The dogs were mostly quiet but Moggy set them off so I fed him first.

The remainder of the day was feeding animals and myself.

It’s been cold and uninspiring although sunny at times.

It was warmer yet colder than yesterday due to the lower minimum but higher maximum. WU predicts rain tomorrow night.