RIP Tony McGeorge

Tony McGeorge died this evening at his home with Ursula at his side.

Tony and Ursula at Houmas restaurant 27 October 2016


Back in Cornwall with Wycliffe who appears to be getting over the trauma of his gunshot wound. I watched some period piece about prostitution: a stark portrayal of the times. It is now mild so no heating was required.

The moon has officially deserted us until the morning of 27 December if I recall correctly: it was similar to yesterday so quite dark. The difference today was there was very little cloud towards the east so it appeared to get lighter earlier.

The dogs stuck together so nearly all of them presented for nearly every biscuit stop, even Luis, although he didn’t make it all the way to the rocks at Azzuro. I took Oskar, Luis and Obi back and set off again with the girls and Skinny having fed Moggy and turned on the hot water. Needless to say, no one came to fix the boiler last night and it was the son who came to get it going this afternoon. Running out of diesel was not a good idea so I’ll know to check on it in the future. Working on the adage that if you want a job done… Incidentally, Georgia rang to see that everything was working and seemed pleased with the diesel consumption figures. Assuming they’re correct. Still, so long as she’s happy…

The girls had fun and we even managed to come back with more balls than we set out with. I then rode to Paleochora for bread and a quick visit to Petrakis for dog food and Hell for Bona. I bought a nice cauliflower and leek too. I didn’t think much of the fresh ginger though.

I delivered bread and left the bread for the Swiss couple with Lucia. Kevin and I took Betty for a brief run around with her ball which might have involved going in the sea a couple of times too. Betty, certainly not me!

I fed dogs and made tea before folding up my laundry and stacking it away. I then had some time to sit and drink my tea before the arrival of the postman with a package for Lucia. He tried to palm me off with an electricity bill for someone else who I think lives nearby.

Yianni’s son eventually got the boiler working, Jamie came to pay me the outstanding from his stay and should now be heading out of Paleochora on the bus for Chania. He proposes to stay at the hostel as I suggested, and will hopefully manage to wake up and get to the airport for his flight. He says he will return to Grammeno. I was surprised to see him in the Winter Room AKA Common Room at 07:00(!) when I was turning on the hot water heater. Maybe he didn’t go to bed…

A Swiss couple arrived in a sizeable motorhome and are now down by the beach near the small gate. They met Franz and his wife so have had the lowdown about the camping so will be enjoying one of the ‘special offers’ which Franz told them about. I think they were already converted before they arrived. One more for the bread delivery service.

The dogs waited reasonably patiently to be fed and I got to finish off preparing my own food. Big Beans with carrot, potato, leek and a modicum of garlic. And some (wild) rice naturally.

Today was significantly warmer than yesterday as I even parted with a layer or two! Not the hottest in December but much warmer than of late. The weather is going to be unsettled for a few days but cannot make up its mind about rain at the end of the week.
Skinny sleeping