Endeavour AKA Young Morse and DCI Thursday investigated a haunting and possible abduction at a private girls’ school. Very scary at times! This as followed by a YouTube film of The Great Freeze of 1963. I missed a bit at the end and was a little confused to find myself in Berlin after the armistice in 1945.

I was awake at four to the sound of wind battering the van, trees and general surroundings. The alarm soon followed so I found myself crossing the field as five approached. The Setra had returned yesterday but nearer to the sandy beach. Now it was facing north alongside the beach track. The occupants were most likely asleep.

It was very blowy in the exposed areas but better on The Promontory where there is more shelter. The rocks were another matter so today we crossed them only once.

It was hard going to Azzuro with the cold, northerly wind sometimes blowing sand into my face. Virtually all were present at Azzuro although Luis only appeared later and Skinny went off to visit his girlfriend and investigate the various food bowls. He invited himself to breakfast chez Betty who appears to be his current sweetheart.

I brought the girls out to walk to Azzuro with the ball. The wind was getting stronger so I concentrated on throwing with the wind as it was much easier. We circumnavigated the Promontory once more then returned to the camping whereupon I went to seek Skinny and bring him back to the fold. Like Luis, he is easily distracted.

I decided it was far too windy to ride to Paleochora so concentrated on preparing the DDs, replenishing the biscuit supply once the dogs were fed.

It had become quite chilly, mostly to do with the wind although it was also wonderfully sunny. I went off to put on a large load of washing for the Slovenians. They wanted it at 95ºC so it took quite a while. Another load later and resent of the fuse board following a fault Meanwhile, the Sunday Coffee Set were gathering in the Winter Room where the furniture had been rearranged into a circle and a series of tables prepared for the day itself.

There was a division of labour until Korel, from Slovenia, awned up to being a chef. I think some of the food is being supplied from an external source.

I went back to the dogs and then returned the second load to the Slovenians. I appear to be friends with their big, fluffy dogs who, I can confirm are in no way jealous of each other.

I processed the DDs and then fed all of the animals. Moggy had some bread soaked in water mixed with meat as I’d forgotten to soak his pussy kibble. This is now ready for tomorrow morning.

We retired into the van where I discovered the temperature was just over 17ºC. The heating soon warmed things up.

A cold, windy day from the get go. Certainly not the coldest of the month due to the plentiful sunshine but the windiest so far. Temperatures are forecast to remain similar for the foreseeable future. A colder spell is upon us as predicted.