Sunday ended with the second part of the Big Bean Fest whilst watching an episode of Spooks followed by the part of The Big Freeze I slept though previously. No revisiting of Post War Berlin on this occasion. There was still time for a couple of episodes of The Good Karma Hospital. Two episodes as it just continued and I didn’t stop it. Usually, I watch only one episode. I like to savour rather than gorge.

Morning arrived with less wind and marginally less cold. The Setra has gone leaving no vehicles in the car park or on the beach track.

We completed our walk with Skinny and Oskar going AWOL for a little while. Neither reported at Azzuro so I attracted their attention as I walked back. They managed to catch up as we went onto the Promontory once more.

The girls had fun with the GITD ball as it was still far from daylight when we emerged for the second walk. Skinny stayed with the other boys back at the van. We had a good walk and met up with Nina and her two fluffy monsters. They chased each other around a little and then we went our separate ways as time was getting on.

I took my bike out of the storeroom to find the rear tyre was flat! Considering I’ve just put on a new tyre and inner tube, I was less than impressed. I pumped it up using the compressor and hoped it would stay up for the trip to Paleochora and back. It did.

I scrounged a repair kit from Kevin who seems to have everything, and have used half of it repairing two punctures in the new tube and one in the old. The second puncture in the new tube occurred during the ride to Paleochora. The tyre moved as I took the bike out of the storeroom so a new puncture was created as I rode the bike. Ideally, the tyre would have been repaired first thing but it’s a palaver to get the rear wheel off and back on quickly.

The morning was spent in gentle contemplation with an outing to put on a wash for Joyce who managed to fill the machine. The first decent washing day since she arrived.

The afternoon was sucked up fiddling with bike tyres and tubes.

I need to concentrate on getting the other awning sides in position as I have a feeling the warm weather is at an end so it’s likely to be winter from now on. It’s fine when it’s sunny but not so much fun when there’s a northerly wind.

Other excitements included two letters via the postman and the imminent departure of the Spanish family who’ve been camping since their initial stay in M7 for five nights. They plan to leave tomorrow or the next day.

Cooler than yesterday but not so windy. There was plenty of sunshine. Wednesday night still looks wet. Better get the awning side up now I’ve taken down the Sun Blocker.