Longer Day

With my cauliflower, potatoes, carrots and leaks, I watched an episode of The Gentle Touch. There were several stories of which one was of a young, coloured girl, a friend of the son of the principal actor, who was considering joining the police. Her boyfriend was totally against the idea but the girl was quite keen. She came to the police station to have a chat with one of the senior officers and was told she could study at university as a police officer. This was an important point for her as she was very bright. Sadly, a little later on, she was left unattended in the office where a couple of particularly oafish male officers were talking about the role of females generally and particularly in the police. Needless to say, they had very chauvinistic views which succeeded in convincing the girl the police force was not for her. A shame as the Force had been trying to increase the number of officers of colour.

There were a couple of unexpected and quite hard rain showers during the evening which literally put rather a dampener on the Paleochora Christmas Market where Lucia, and others, were selling their festive wares. Lucia has been busy manufacturing various seasonal lines over the past weeks in anticipation of the market. Indeed, I’ve just seen Lucia’s van go out of the camping as they’re going to have another attempt to see everything off this evening.

The night and morning were mild and, unsurprisingly, humid due to the rain. We were out just before five but didn’t cross the rocks due to quite a strong, westerly swell chucking water over the rocks and undoubtedly, the causeway.

The river was easily traversable with some careful timing as the sea has created a sand bar on the foreshore. Just a matter to watching the waves so as not to be caught halfway when a stronger wave arrived.

I took the girls and Skinny out next after feeding the cats and turning on the water heater. We walked to Azzuro and back with lots of chasing the ball and going into the sea mostly for Isabella. At one point, I’d thrown the ball into the sea where the waves were quite high nevertheless, Isabella swam on undeterred to recover the ball.

I put on the second wash before going to Paleochora for bread. The first had been on the timer overnight. Today, I bought three brown loaves of which two were for some new bread customers. Having distributed the loaves, the next job was to feed the dogs, deliver one load of washing and put on the third and last of the day. At least it was all concentrated at the beginning of the day.

I had DD’s to produce before settling down with a cup of tea to enjoy the sunshine. It wasn’t too long before the third wash was ready so I delivered that too.

In the afternoon, I chopped my hair which had been annoying me for a while. I might notice the difference for the next couple of days however it should remain mild for a little while.

Georgia called to tell me she was about to go out asking me to keep an eye out for the guy who was on his way to repair the boiler. Included in her instructions I was to ask him if he should be paid or whether the job would be invoiced. As of four-thirty, he’s yet to arrive. Georgia and Zoe had to deliver more olives for pressing. So far, I’ve seen a good number of plastic oil containers in the workshop. I think Toni mentioned between 150-200kg. As for the quality, I’ve yet to try it, connoisseur that I am.

The DDs have already been processed and the dogs fed. There are some smaller, brown beans cooking in the pot which will form the basis for a mega-salad later. If only the man would come to fix the boiler.

A mild night and morning leading to a sunny, warm day with a generally southwesterly sea. It was warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow, and the next few days, are forecast to be about the same as today.