Christmas Eve

Unforgotten was my main viewing event. So far, a young girl with a broken wrist has been discovered by workers laying new drains in the central reservation of the M1. Fortunately, one of the workers was medically trained so recognised the human pelvis.

This was followed by Accident Detectives where a man fell asleep at the wheel killing a guy waiting in stationary traffic ahead of him on the motorway. He received a jail term of five years for his offence. The detectives managed to recover the dash cam from the vehicle where the man was killed which showed the other car weaving all over the road shortly before the incident. The driver overtook the other vehicle and slowed down when the traffic blocked the motorway however the driver behind was falling asleep so took no action to slow down. The car, a large 4×4, rammed the impacted car forty meters down the road into the back of an Audi so the occupant had no chance and died at the scene. My final viewing choice was an episode of Porridge. I wasn’t late to bed as I was falling asleep.

Just before five we crossed the field and into the car park where the only vehicle was the motorhome and trailer, the one which visited the camping a few days ago and said he’d arrive the following day. We didn’t cross the rocks as the sea was still quite active but the remainder of the walk was pretty normal and the dogs arrived back at the camping more or less at the same time.

The girls and Skinny came to Azzuro and to the Promontory once more. Isabella did quite a lot of swimming as did the sisters. Maya found herself slightly out of her depth which caused her a little confusion. The three came back suitably tired and Skinny just pottered happily on his own as usual. Never very near but also never very far.

I rode to the bakery for loads of bread as I was told there might not be any brown tomorrow. Tomorrow’s bread will be today’s anyway so I struck while the iron was hot. I delivered to Lucia who gave me a present! She told me the market had been successful and that Betty had made loads of money by allowing herself to be petted by various strangers. I delivered bread to Kevin then took the rest back for tomorrow.

It was sunny and warm so I was happy to sit in my chair and drink tea once the dogs were fed. Later, Georgia phoned to say that Yiannis was trying to fix the boiler but it turned out to be still not working. The guy who was expected to come yesterday had agreed to come previous days too. Georgia was totally unimpressed and plans to tell the importers so he may get struck off their approved list. Apparently, a spare part is required which will have to come from Thessaloniki as there is not one available locally. With Christmas it’s unlikely to be with us before New Year.

Georgia was on Toni’s case and Yiannis gave him a container of the product required to enable Toni to refill the heating loops of the solar panels on the roof. I followed him up there to provide moral support and to see how it was done. I now know how to refill the heating loop. We went onto the main bathroom roof to check the solar heaters there. They needed little topping up.

The fridge-freezer in the customer kitchen was happily defrosting so Gizmo was in the process of cleaning out an enormous replacement which has been doing the rounds generally. It’s a bit of a monster and more suited to the role than the other which is now being retired to provide storage for me.

I went and had a Christmas Shower once the water in the cubicles heated up a little. It wasn’t boiling but good enough and better than it had been for ages. Toni put loads of water into the older of the two solar heaters. I expect it will take a couple of sunny days to get really hot at this time of the year.

I went back to feed the dogs having given Bona and her little helper Noel a Cold Can. She tells me she’ll soon have documents as she’d going through the process. From what I understand, Georgia is arranging it for both Toni and her.

Just a matter of getting something to eat, turning off the water heater and then I’m done for the day. Roll on Christmas Day! Spoken with deep honesty by a teetotal, atheist, vegan… I’m enthusiastically looking forward to the day though.

The day was exactly the same temperature as yesterday. Sunny and warm with some wind later. Christmas Day should be similar but with the chance of a shower in the evening
Obi having a demanding day – my seat is very popular