David Jason was involved in a kidnapping but got his man as usual. I then watched the first episode of Vigil which ended up being two episodes as my mouse wasn’t cooperating when I asked it to stop the second episode.

But soon morning was with us although I woke up an hour earlier to put my phone on charge outside. I finally got up with the alarm and went to switch on the water heater once the dogs were ready.

The moon is full so, even with all the clouds cluttering up the sky, it was possible to see without the need for a torch. Most of the time at least.

I went out with the girls to do nearly all of it again then into Paleochora for a visit to Petrakis and the bakery. I now have a lovely cauliflower and some more potatoes which I’ll probably enjoy tomorrow as tonight is going to be spaghetti as it might be marginally quicker.

I fed the animals and drank tea whilst enjoying the sunshine. I’d already put on a wash for the French couple so decided I’d do some of my own washing as it was a fine day and it was building up.

Simon called to say his electrics had tripped out over the Holidays so I talked him through getting the computers back into operation. He tells me his Windows PC was a little smelly when he was last using it so it could be that. I’d stopped working on it when I discovered there was no version of Access on the Mac install of Office. Little demand apparently. Simon is used to IOS but not OSX so he had some learning to do. TeamViewer no longer works so I’m going to get him to install VNC when he gets back from ‘lunch’

Meanwhile, Bona came to clean and pick up FOUR tins of Hell which she paid for plus any arrears. I wheeled down an empty bin and Kevin helped push the full one up to the gate. Bottlesto carry to the recycling in the morning.

I managed to fit in a shower after feeding the dogs. I also see the boiler is working at present. Whether this is a permanent fix, I know not as whomever came to fix it has disappeared by the time I was free.

Hotter than yesterday with no wind and plenty of sunshine. I even got most of my washing dry. A much better day than possibly imagined from the forecast.