The highlight of my viewing was a trip to the North African desert with the nascent SAS. Stirling managed to persuade Generals Richie and Auchinleck that his plan would work and the head of the secret service North Africa had been inventing a new unit and now had some real soldiers to go and get killed or captured to turn the subterfuge into a tangible reality. The officers seem to have the correct qualifications and the men with a good number of kills under their belt.

I finished off the evening watching the final part of a video of a chap who moved to the Nevada Desert with his wife. He was building a large workshop between two shipping containers used as storage and as a location for his electrical systems under an impressive array of PV panels soon to occupy the new roof.

All of the dogs walked to Azzuro and back twice. It wasn’t cold but became cloudier as we walked. I even thought it might rain. Obi was still out so he and Skinny joined the girls on another walk around the Promontory.

I decided to visit Petrakis to be sure I was stocked up for the DDs on Monday. I discovered they’d be closed on January first as expected but also the second for stocktaking.

I delivered bread to the Wrights first as Lucia was hibernating which was unusual. I discovered she’d been up in the night looking for Bear, the kitten who’s decided he wanted to live more dangerously with the other cats.

I fed the dogs, filled up their food and drank tea. It was now quite grey and unappetising outside although I stayed out all day. There were some glimpses of sunshine but I can see that only a very small amount of electricity has been generated.

A nice customer reminded me of the New Year’s Celebrations which I didn’t know about and tried to avoid anyway. I made pathetic excuses and left it at that. Watching a customer feed her face with half a chicken whilst her speech became more slurred at Christmas was already enough for one year. I excused myself around nine when the singing began.

The idea of three hours of more merrymaking and inane conversation certainly didn’t do it for me and was far beyond the call of duty.

And so the day ended. The Wrights will go to Chania tomorrow morning to spend a couple of nights in a hotel to visit the old town and celebrate New Year. I think all of the others will be staying.

I had a phone call from a couple, currently in Koutsounari, who wish to spend a month or more at Grammeno in the New Year. They were here last winter so are gluttons for punishment. Another couple have said they will arrive in the first week of the month at least for a month. They’d worked out it would be 30€/night so opted for another offer of 550€/month until I contacted them to reeducate them.

The day has been generally uninspiring so I’m hoping the morning will be dry at least for the walks. At present, rain is forecast for Sunday night/Monday morning.

A mild start followed by a mild and sometimes damp overcast day. More rain is forecast for tomorrow night.