Happy New Year!

I watched some TV, laboriously had something to eat and was in bed by nine. I slept until 23:45 when the usual, annoying Festive Fireworks began. Only Luis was barking. I’d left music on to try to hide most of the bangs. I went back to sleep around twelve-fifteen. Considering I’d been asleep all day…

Morning came bearing news of impending rain. The forecast was promising rain between four and five so I waited until after five before getting up. None came so I dragged myself from my pit and we went for a walk around The Promontory.

No sooner had we left than the thunder and lightning began but it was spectacular rather than wet. It started to rain lightly so we went back to the van, whereupon it rained more earnestly. I sat outside with the girls as the rain fell, the thunder rumbled and the lightning flashed. This continued for some while delivering around 16mm precipitation.

I drank tea and chatted until my phone ran out then fed the dogs and made the DDs. I collapsed back into my chair and slept although I found time to finish off the monthly takings which I printed. I’ve yet to get the money together but Georgia is here so there’s not much hurry.

I spent the remainder of the day sleeping in the sun which had replaced the clouds, thankfully. Otherwise, it would have been pretty cold and uninviting outside.

I eventually fed the dogs and we’re now inside except for Obi and Maya who seem to prefer to be inside.

My phone rang to announce the arrival of a family in a motorhome. They’d only come from Elafonissi so it’s a pity they couldn’t manage to arrive in daylight. I put them in Bay 1 and said we’d find something different in the morning. They plan only to stay one more night so it seems a bit of a waste of time. They really just want hot showers and the washing machine.

I went to check the thermometer on the hot water take to discover it at 20ºC. I sent the error code to Georgia who told me the boiler hadn’t been working since NYE. I put the electric heater on and will put it on again early morning so the customers get a hot shower. At least Georgia would have cold water too!

A wet start followed by a sunny day which was cooler than yesterday. The possibility of showers tomorrow morning and unsettled weather for a couple of days. It is January after all.
Monthly summary for December 2023