Things are hotting up in series six of Line Of Duty which I followed with a burst of the Good Karma Hospital to round off the evening.

No rain was forecast so I was surprised when there were squally showers. I eventually got up and took the dogs for a tour of The Promontory at seven. We’d not gone far and it started raining. We sheltered in the cave left and got wet again. I returned with seven wet dogs plus me.

I collected the money from the French who I kept at arms length so as not to contaminate them. They are going north and then to explore some of the island before returning to Piraeus/Athens and then home after a few days.

The Slovakians were not visible, I went back a couple of times to no avail so they’re still in B1.

I took the girls out and met the Slovenian guy who was fishing accompanied by his two gigantic fluffy dogs. A Greek guy came by to see the dogs, not mine, but his. Isabella got bored so we left to walk The Promontory and return to the fold without getting wet again.

I spent much of the afternoon setting up an SMTP service for EG. The company gives 300 messages per day which was more than was being sent in a month. AuthSMTP increased their price to £60, double the previous year, which I already consider extortionate. Their business model is to concentrate on enterprise customers who maybe sent 3,000 emails per day and not 300 per month.

I incarcerated all the dogs at feeding time which reduced the time taken to feed them hugely. I couldn’t be doing with all of their fussing. New policy for the future.

Cooler than yesterday with showers most of the day. Some sunny intervals but generally changeable. Tomorrow should be sunnier and probably drier.