In contrast, after Luther, who was having a difficult time, I watched Signs Of The Times about interior decorations. Poor Luther was avoiding hitmen whilst trying to catch a slightly unstable man who systematically killed people then ate one or more of their major organs. The problem was laid to rest when Luther’s accomplice emptied most of a pistol magazine into the perpetrator’s chest at close range. At least it saved a load of the taxpayers’ money. Signs Of The Times was interesting but, following the excitement of Luther, I found myself asleep so decided to call it a day.

I’d set the alarm a little later so didn’t get up until five. It was still too early as I only really felt up for a wander around the Promontory so it was still dark when we returned. Obi and Skinny continued to walk themselves so I put Oskar and Luis inside and took out the girls. Skinny was in the field so joined us as we did the Promontory once more with the ball. We crossed the rocks this time as I was, by now, feeling a littler more energetic and I could also see. We found Chesmo on the rocks out for a little ramble on his own. We introduced him to the cave with the collapsed roof when there was a brief shower.

I put on a wash, the first of four, before riding into Paleochora for the first time this year. I bought bread and some lemmings then returned at a leisurely pace.

I delivered the bread and spent much of the remainder of the day loading and unloading the washing machine. I managed to fit in time to update EG’s DNS, drink loads of tea and even to fall asleep in the sun! Not forgetting sorting out the money and summary for Georgia and even managing to hand it to her!

Maya has just returned from a postprandial wander. Hardly surprising considering I’d not closed the gate since this morning so as to give Obi the opportunity to let himself back in. I found him in the camping just as I was about to leave on my bike. Now it’s Sasha’s turn for a wander however neither go very far. I think Sasha has her head in my compost anyway.

I have finally tired of Cosmote prepaid and transferred to Cosmote Neo which is a monthly automated, fixed-price SIM-only service. It costs a little more than I was paying before, gives me far more data, calls and texts than I can possibly use but there is one major advantage: I don’t have to remember to top it up each month, the package is fixed so there’s no more signing in to the What’s Up app to choose a package, the money simply disappears from my bank each month and my phone just works. Anyway, I was paying a lot more to O2 for my UK SIM-only package!

Tony’s remains are about to depart on their last terrestrial journey for the final sendoff.

The Siblings are sparring energetically on the decking.

Warmer than yesterday with fewer clouds and very sunny from late morning on. A perfect day for washing. There is the remote possibility of some rain tomorrow. Friday and Saturday look reasonable but Sunday onwards could be a little damp.