Luftwaffe bases and facilities were the target of the SAS. Stirling finally managed to pull off a daring feat but not without the loss of many good men. Not during the attacks themselves but as a result of their arrival during a desert storm which disabled or killed a large proportion of his contingent. The rapid desert transport team eventually picked up the survivors and appear to have joined forces with the SAS.

I was fed by Martha. The meal was delivered by Zoe for me to reheat. It consisted of chickpeas and was just what was called for. Not too much as I’ve not been eating lots lately although my appetite is starting to return.

I forgot to put on an overnight wash so found myself wandering over to the laundry around eleven to find Georgia’s car plugged into the socket where the machine is plugged in. I moved the washer over to an adjacent one and left the machine to do its thing.

I didn’t wake up until after five having moved my alarm to allow longer in bed as we’ve not been doing such long walks. Today, we went to Azzuro once more as well as crossing the rocks in the dark. About 5km for both walks.

I rode to Paleochora with a stop at the bay on the way in. I met a young cat and an older male. The youngest was the friendlier of the two. They appear looked after as there was a full bowl of food under the counter and their water bowl was full. The male needs to be relieved of his balls so we might sort that for him.

I collected the long-awaited package of meds from Anatoli together with some bread. A stop at Petrakis for carrots for the DDs, dog food and more drink for Bona. Another twenty-four cans to keep her going.

I delivered bread and the package then fed the dogs before sitting down as I was quite knackered. Our walk was much longer today, perhaps a little too long.

The DDs were finally created and put in the pot to cook. A lot later than normal. I was feeling a little lethargic by then.

I received photos of food from Georgia and then a call asking for my order. I gladly accepted the broccoli/cauliflower/potato/carrot ensemble and the peppers but not the τζατζίκι as Georgia rightly guessed. It was very tasty and saved me the effort of preparing something although I had had a mind to cook Φακες.

With the DDs processed, I fed the dogs so now the day is almost done.

The day has been mild and sometimes windy also very cloudy at times. The sea is agitated and the weekend is looking more and more unsettled. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday might turn out to be a little damp as well as cooler.