The North Sea is a cold and dark place particularly in a submarine deep under the water. Intrigue intensifies as more information comes to light about past events and cover-ups. American contractors cooked due to high-pressure steam leaks from the reactor and a poisoning. An enlightening DW documentary about how the Amish are evolving in order to stay relevant and continue to compete in modern business. Compromises have been made however the basic ethics remain. That concluded my day as then I fell asleep before managing to get to bed. I think it was the shower that took it out of me.

I had no difficulty getting to sleep and was soon woken by the alarm and Sasha’s nose trying to get under my insect netting. We left around six and completed the exact same walk as yesterday. This time, Obi had his long-lost collar on so I was able to keep tabs on him to prevent him from sloping off into the camping. The couple with the car and the van were in the camping car park not taking electricity as I discovered later.

The girls and Skinny came out once more to walk the Promontory with the ball. We met the two Slovenian dogs which caused Skinny to bring back memories of the times of yore. I explained Skinny had been disarmed so would shoot only blanks. The spirit was willing however the flesh was weak. Their bitch is on heat.

I gave myself a holiday as it is a holiday so took the glass recycling to the bottle bank assisted by the girls. Skinny was back with the other boys enjoying dreams of what might have been.

I put some washing in the machine for myself, then for the hiking couple followed by Joyce who had a very large load to do.

The couple from the beach had spent the night in the car park not charging their batteries as I was able to point out later. The problem has been rectified so now they’re charging. They very kindly donated some huge lemons, the size of footballs, as well as some oranges. I’m not going to run out for a while. Incidentally, the couple have four dogs and a chicken in their van. The chicken is very old so stopped laying ages ago but thinks she’s a dog. As one does…

I fixed a blocked loo and dodgy cistern in the gents between trips to the wash machine.

The weather improved as the day progressed but it has been occasionally cloudy and quite windy. Plenty of sunshine but I really need to chop down the carobs as they’re blocking so much light which would potentially keep us warm.

One couple will leave to explore the island tomorrow but plan to return in a week or so. They only intended to stay for a couple of nights they confessed. That was almost three weeks ago.

My cold progresses and I still have an annoying cough whilst feeling perpetually lazy, so fall asleep. I feel a little more interested in eating so may explore the depts of the fridge to see what I can resurrect.

I think all of my free meals have come to an end: Litsa and Manolis have left and I think Georgia and Zoe too. The cats are going to miss Zoe’s daily meals unless she’s left something for them with Toni.

The washing is mostly folded up with only a hairy fleece left on the line which is flapping in the wind. The doggy rice went on a little late but I expected they’re more interested in eating it more than anything.

Clean sheets tonight!

Cooler than yesterday probably due to the strong, easterly wind. Plenty of sunshine once the early cloud dispersed.