An evening with the American police. Perry Mason solving the mysterious toupee murder, Bosch continuing his investigations in his usual fashion and finally to an evening with Julia Mackenzie and Anton Rodgers as they set off on the Orient Express for their anniversary. Another early night soothed with some heavy rain then thunder and lightening around four when Maya decided she might feel safe inside with the others. I waited until the rain stopped before taking them all out for an hour’s ball-throwing on the Promontory around seven.

The sky seemed stable enough to risk a visit to Anatoli and then back to share with Lucia. The dogs came next with some food then me with a cup of tea.

From here, the day took on a sedentary character as I spent much of it glued to my chair with a blanket over my knees. It was generally an unappealing day with frequent showers following some initial sunshine. It was quite pleasant riding back from Paleochora.

I checked out Lucia’s electricity meter to discover water had managed to infiltrate the electronics. I’m not sure how that happened.

A company called about a parcel delivery. A very nice man who spoke good English.

Maria called to say she’d just returned from Athens via Kantanos as the kids were back at school today.

I fed the animals and then retreated within where it was around 16ºC so the heating is on and my knees are warm. Just some fakes and we’re done for the day.

Maybe I’ll feel more energetic tomorrow.

Mostly wet and grey although the morning started with some promising sunshine. The next couple of days should be drier.