With the cable repaired, I was able to stream an episode of Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed. I’ve seen most of them before but might have missed out on some episodes. Apparently, Shaw preferred the stage to TV although he had some very successful TV series including Inspector George Gently, The Chief and The Professionals. Shaw was responsible for blocking repeats of The Professionals for some time. From there to Wales for the Crash Detectives in two cases where the vehicle drivers, both HGV professionals, were totally blameless. The first, an elderly lady, stepped out in front of the truck as it was pulling away in traffic. She chose to cross in the traffic and not on the controlled crossing. The second, a cyclist, seriously injured in the incident, had swerved in front of the HGV, trying to take a no right turn. The cyclist recovered and the dash cam of the lorry showed there was no way for the HGV drivers to avoid the collision. It only goes to show how useful dash cams are as they feature regularly in this series. I fell asleep then went to bed. Wrong order I know!

I woke to hear rain during the night which annoyed me as it was unexpected and I’d left my bike out under the carob. Fortunately, there was only wet ground when we walked to Azzuro which is still accessible with dry feet. With both walks, we managed just over six km although the second walk was quite short but active.

I rode to Paleochora for bread and DDs as tomorrow is forecast to be wet. I found Lucia’s bike parked outside Petrakis however she just needed a stamp! I overtook Lucia just before the camping entrance. I’d been going for it as the sky looked black and it was starting to rain.

I came back to feed the dogs and drink tea. Later, I went into the camping as the power was off in the kitchen. The old fridge, which replaced the other, old fridge, had tripped the breaker so I disconnected it and reset the RCD. I emptied the bins as they were overflowing and went to the office to meet an English guy with a dog. I dumped the trash at the same time. There is just the man and dog who say they will stay until Friday.

The next arrivals were two Swiss with their two dogs in two motorhomes. They are next to each other in B1 and B2. I’d already stolen B2 meter for the English guy who’s plugged in from the laundry room.

Someone came to look at the fridge to declare it dead so Toni took one of the display fridges from the laundry room and Noel and I moved the frozen food to the freezer in the Winter Room’s small fridge.

There was quite a bit of wandering around the camping but I still managed to find time to fall asleep in my chair to the sound of the rain on the decking. It was not cold outside, just wet!

It appeared to get dark early. Like yesterday, sunrise was at the same time as the day before however we have to wait until 18 January before sunrise is any earlier. The days are getting longer but only in the evening until then.

The day ended as wet as it started with more forecast for the night and tomorrow.

A generally wet and grey day with frequent showers. More to follow during the night and tomorrow according to the forecast.