I watched the final part of Hetty Winthrop which I missed when falling asleep. It was too late in the evening to have started watching anyway. I went under the North Sea for the latest update with Vigil. The second murder has now taken place and suspicions are pointed in the direction of the coxswain although I think this is merely a herring. I rounded off the evening with YouTube shorts and other interesting material.

I didn’t notice any rain in the night although it had been forecast. I got up and took the dogs out once I’d checked up on things. It was surprisingly mild so I didn’t really miss my hat which was left behind. We walked the same as the previous day then I left all of the dogs to ride into Paleochora for some bread. Rain was forecast so I decided to get the bike ride dealt with first of all. It seems that the distance to the bakery and back has diminished as I appear to be going on a 4.5km ride each day, half the actual distance.

The girls had recovered so there was plenty of energy for racing after the ball around the Promontory. We came back with more balls which was a bonus, I fed all the dogs and then made the DDs before a very enjoyable cup of tea. I put on a wash for Mickey and learned that the Wrights had mislaid a handbag containing important documents and a spare set of vehicle keys. Investigation discovered the missing items had been secreted under a mattress for safety and forgotten.

There was quite a lot of wandering around the camping which partially made up for the lost cycling kilometres. There was a call from the courier company about a package for Ms Pontikaki which was eventually delivered in the afternoon.

I spent time with some of the newer punters who appear to be setting in. The Englishman from Switzerland is waiting for a part for his fridge which no longer works on gas. The other, real Swiss people walked their dogs and talked about going into Paleochora for something to eat.

One arrival in the form of Dave who works with Tim at the Souda USA base in the Fire Department. With Tim working, Dave has three days off. He’s come for a little quality time on his own leaving his wife and daughter to look after their recently-acquired rescue dog. He seems a very nice chap.

I eventually processed the DDs as a very heavy downpour began. Rain had been on the cards all day but only materialised in the late afternoon. It has been generally unsettled however tomorrow should be nicer.

A nicer day than forecast with a heavy downpour late afternoon. Tomorrow should be sunnier and drier.