Glorious Day!

A very exciting episode of Endeavour where Morse is poking around in historical goings on at a local institution for orphaned boys. This investigation was triggered by a series of apparently unrelated murders. Morse uncovers information about the Great and The Good who’d been helping themselves to some of the inmates. Thursday gets shot and Morse winds up in jail when he uncovers the truth and gets framed by a senior policeman who’d set him up and intends to kill him. I watched a documentary which proposes various possibilities for the destruction of the Russo-German gas pipelines. I think there are so many fingers in the pie it’s going to be very difficult to get to the truth. I wasn’t late to bed so up a littler earlier in the morning as a result.

There was some cloud first thing but it wasn’t cold as I ended up carrying my hat. The sea has removed many of the stones swept up on the beach by Azzuro. The morning was quite light from the outset even though we were out a little earlier. Tomorrow, I intend to get out earlier still. I think I’m fit enough to walk faster and further as I have almost even got rid of my cough.

I rode to Anatoli and back for bread which I delivered, together with some tennis balls for Betty, to Lucia. I fed the dogs and filled up their food containers then made tea for myself.

It was so hot sitting out in the sun that I had to move. I was only wearing summer shorts and a T-shirt! We are experiencing some quite variable and changeable weather at present however I suspect there is more cold to come as it’s only January.

Toni amused himself unblocking the toilets when Bona came in to confirm my suspicions there was a blockage somewhere. The roots from the hedge are very near to the waste pipes. I left Bona cleaning the gents and Toni clearing roots from the pipes.

The ACS guy delivered a long package for Cosmo. I suspect it’s something to do with fishing but there was 360€ to pay which he’d already given me. The postman also arrived with Christmas cards for Lucia.

The punters had a good day as I saw some of them on the beach enjoying the sunshine. It’s exceptional weather even for Crete.

Warmer than yesterday and almost windless as the day moved on. There was plenty of sunshine so my almost empty battery got a good charge. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little cooler than today. Decisively cooler again after the weekend when it may rain.