Supper was late due to external activities so the evening was consequently shorter which was not necessarily a bad thing. I watched Heartbeat and The Crash Detectives. The incident, which consumed the entire episode, examined a young man killed during a hit-and-run on a dark road in the middle of the night. The young man had been drinking and was walking home. The driver of the car failed to see him lying at the edge of the road and ran into him and killed him. The driver then fled the scene, parked near his home then lied to the police with an elaborate and dramatic performance. Needless to say, the police had plenty of evidence from the scene so were able to prove unequivocally the car was responsible for the man’s death. It transpired the driver had been using drugs so wound up with a three year custodial sentence reduced to two years on appeal.

Heartbeat explored the popularity of hallucinogenic drugs and pirate radio. A local lad returned from a spell in borstal, made an application to the Paras and demonstrated a willingness to mend his ways. Sadly, he fell in with a group of youngsters who were experimenting with LSD. He took some LSD, climbed a church bell tower and leaped to his death. He was hallucinating that he was jumping from a plane as a Para. It was later revealed by one of the DJs from the pirate radio ship the drugs were being smuggled ashore from the ship. PC Rowan, in the guise of a London DJ, goes to the ship to investigate. The bad guys are apprehended.

Having checked the wind and weather reports, I concluded it would start to blow hard after an hour or two but it wouldn’t rain. We walked the Promontory and to Azzuro under a clear and starry sky. We were on our way back to the van when Brian and his dog arrived so we continued together to Azzuro for a further visit then home. During the second visit, I was able to discover the attraction near the river. A goat had probably fallen and become trapped down beneath the rocks and had died which explained so many absentees earlier.

I fed the cats then went on my bike to Anatoli for bread. Not to Paleochora, as the wind, by this time, was far too strong, but to the shop in Kountoura. It was still quite windy at some locations but nearer and less exposed than the road to Paleochora.

Having delivered some bread to Lucia, I took the girls onto The Promontory with their ball as they hadn’t forgotten they were due a walk. There we ran into Nina with her male bear who absconded as soon as she released him. She later returned with the female version so we went round again although on a much briefer walk.

I fed the dogs then made tea before settling down in the sun. I think it would have been very cold and very windy without the easterly awning side. I was glad to have finished it.

I caught up with some camping admin and went to tell the Spanish the latest score as they’d asked the day before but I was escorting the new arrivals.

Other than a shower, the remainder of the day was uneventful except for a visit to Litsa and Manolis to collect a big bag of lemons, mandarins and oranges. Their citrus is always better than from elsewhere. At this point in time, I have a large stock of lemons!

I fed the dogs then we retired inside where I turned on the heating. The AC is managing to heat the van despite the various draughts. Imagine if I had a passive house, we probably wouldn’t need the AC, using doggy power only.

The day has been windy as announced but there has been no rain as yet. Some is forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning. The wind will continue until Wednesday morning according to Windfinder.

Slightly cooler than yesterday but very windy. No rain so far but a remote possibility during the night. Temperatures will remain cooler for a few days but with some sunshine.