Thor’s Day

The Tomorrow People are a group of young people who are here to save the planet. They are called to the group but, inevitably, there is another group, probably the baddies, who are trying to prevent them. I’ve only seen the first episode so I know little more. It has some similarities to Blake’s Seven.

Unforgotten is still collecting information but nearing discovery of the demise of a young girl years before. My last was in Spain during the Napoleonic Wars with Sean Bean as Sharpe. The man is virtually indestructible and lurches from one crisis to the next. Fairly harmless viewing though.

The moon is full so was around for a little longer today making walking much easier. I only had to call the dogs away from the river and the cadaver. They were ahead of me as we walked up. They’re not stupid!

The girls came out without Skinny who elected to stay in the van. We rushed around after the ball as usual.

I rode to Paleochora to buy bread, shop at Petrakis and collect a package from the post office. I ordered food for the dogs and bought ingredients for the DDs. I had to train a new checkout technician but she did quite well however the food is yet to arrive.

I delivered two lots of bread and put on a wash for Lucia. The dogs got fed and I prepared the DDs before sitting down to drink my tea. When I took Lucia’s laundry back she mentioned the desire to watch BBC so I helped her sign up and setup her laptop to enable this.

I had another support call from LBS as Stephen couldn’t access his computer. The router had forgotten the settings which made connecting remotely challenging.

My inverter overheated whilst charging the batteries so I had to restart it. Finding a replacement fan is rising on my todo list.

A woman came to talk about getting a place in the camping all year round. I persuaded her this wasn’t a good idea as the summer is horrid and anyway, I don’t think we’re taking anymore full time residents. I think she will find a more workable solution once she understands the economics of tourism.

Skinny had taken to jumping over the fence into the field once more and I had to put him back twice during the course of my conversation with the woman. I think the bitch on season has created an imbalance in the Force.

Later, I took the crazies out for a second walk as they were full of beans and driving me crazy. We didn’t go far but they ran a lot and we lost only one ball. Skinny was waiting as we arrived back. They’re all outside drying off a little before being allowed in, having been bathing.

I didn’t do too many of the things I’d intended today so must do better tomorrow.

Warm and sunny with no wind. Quite a pleasant day on the whole.