Day Of The Moon

Lewis was my main choice for evening entertainment. I hardly remembered the plot from the time before although it began to come together nearer the end. I was watching something else which was so stimulating, I fell asleep which was annoying. Hardly surprising having eaten and adopted a prone position in a warm environment.

Maya has taken over the role of Ms FidgetBottom. Sasha is positively moribund by comparison. Maya was endeavouring to convince me we should go out at around 04:00. As things turned out, she had the right idea however I was too stupid to understand her superior intellect.

We’d not been out long when there were hints from the entrance camera of raindrops in the air. The camera sees rain as movement so kindly sends me an alert. Sometimes very annoying but sometimes very useful. I ignored the notifications and continued hoping things would change for the better. As Maya had worked out much earlier, I was wrong so we started to get wet as we walked to Azzuro. It didn’t stop certain amongst them from going into the river to enjoy some carrion.

The rain hardened as we walked back so had become more annoying as we reached the field. Luis, Obi and Maya were not with us at this point but I had no desire to wait around to see where they’d got to. Those present returned to the van where we waited outside for a little while before going in after shutting the inside gate. I used the time to wash up and to make tea to warm both my inside and outside.

Luis eventually returned bedraggled followed by Maya a while later. We’d experience several heavy downpours which had convinced me further walking was off the menu. I finally turfed Oskar off the cushion, turned it over to the dry side then made myself comfortable.

It was only when I wandered the camping to check the boiler that I found a very soggy Obi canvassing Korel for food having invited himself into their van where they already had enough bears. He came back for some food as I’d already fed the others.

The morning continued soggily with more heavy downpours with occasional sunny intervals. I decided I’d wait until the afternoon before going to the bakery as the weather had proved itself extremely untrustworthy.

Finally, the sun broke through for a sustained period of comparative sunshine and stability. I asked Lucia if she needed bread to discover she already had some. She shared her loaf with me so I no longer had any incentive to run the gauntlet of riding to Paleochora. The afternoon was the complete opposite to the morning with sunshine, warmth and blue sky and sea.

Things started to go wrong a little later as raindrops appeared on the decking outside where I had been sitting enjoying the warmth and sunshine. I’d taken the precaution of putting on the doggy rice so had just to do something for myself. Fakes as it happens as I had everything necessary to make a tasty meal.

The sun’s power declined so I fed the dogs and picked up the poo of which there was an important quantity. I took it out into the field to a disposal site so the forecast rain will assist in its rapid disintegration and reversion to the natural world.

I have retreated inside leaving Maya and Sasha to burn off some surplus energy outside. They’re perfectly capable of amusing themselves with limited destruction to the surroundings.

Considering how much use the AC has had today, only 1.5kWh has been consumed. I left it on, set to 17ºC during the night, which used only 0.1 kWh per hour. It heats the van more quickly and would be overkill if there were more insulation and fewer draughts from the numerous gaps under the door and the very leaky cab area.

Lawrence Fox, the former actor who played Hathaway in Lewis, has lost his appeal against the guys he called paedophiles online following a libel dispute.

Other than the afternoon, the day has been unquestionably cold, wet and windy with more to follow during the night and tomorrow. Some of the punters are discovering even the Cretan Winter can have teeth. Things should settle down and warm up at the end of the week.