Only Rain

The SAS Rogue Heroes welcomed their French compatriots with open arms resulting in one almighty brawl which included a number of missing teeth, a couple of broken jaws and an arm. Nevertheless, they all ended up as big buddies by the end of the episode having developed themselves with some teamwork. My other choice was Mr Selfridge who, after the initial interest following the opening of the store was experiencing a lack of footfall. M Blériot was met by Selfridge as he landed after his record-breaking crossing of the English Channel. La Manche if you see things from the French perspective. His plane was on display in the store with an exotic young dancer being the Spirit of Ecstasy.

Rain battered the camping for most of the evening delivering 8.4mm by midnight. Rain continued through the night and morning meaning there was no doggy walk and a late breakfast for everyone.

I wandered the camping checking the electrical installations to find most were still working. The boiler had taken the morning off although, to its credit, had been working until fairly recently. After a few restarts, I persuaded it into operation. The bar WiFi seemed to be having a problem, notably the west Access Point. A quick reboot of everything seemed to do the trick. I got Lucia’s diesel heater going for her and changed the settings so now she can do it for herself. There were still updates outstanding on her laptop and, as her van warmed up, I installed them. She decided to take Betty for a walk to the bakery in Kountoura where she purchased a loaf for each of us. I was just finishing the current lot of updates as she returned. She had a good coat but was still wet as it had rained constantly.

I eventually returned to the dogs who’d been left outside and sensibly stood out in the rain. They were fed and we withdrew into the van. I turned on the heating and boiled the kettle which caused the inverter to throw a wobbly due to only one cooling fan working. I went out, connected the Grid cable to take power from the camping and correctly connected all of the earths now that I have suitable connecting bars to make a job of it. They arrived yesterday.

We passed the remainder of the day with little activity other than me preparing food for myself. I’d decided it was too late in the day to start DDs so the dogs have had to endure two lots of doggy biscuits today. Normal service will resume tomorrow morning.

I had to go out into the camping to deal with a power loss on the motorhome bays caused by a fault on the lamp pole circuit. I think it’s to do with the automatic light as it’s been working all day as I checked them all this morning. Electrics are a constant problem when it’s wet.

The battery charged less than 0.5kWh so it’s lucky I’ve got the Grid connection operating again as I intend to use the heating so we may gobble up too much electricity following two days and nights of profligate use.

Tomorrow should be warmer and drier with sunny intervals. We’re all fed up with the rain, wind and cold.

Cooler and much wetter than yesterday with 31.8mm precipitation so far since midnight. Cold, wet and windy was the order of the day. Tomorrow should be a little warmer, sunnier and without rain!