Welcome To February!

The day continued cold and miserable so I went under the waves with the next thrilling instalment of Vigil then to Shetland for some police work.

We managed to get out of the door at 05:45 with just a little fine rain showing up in the light of my head torch. It was warmer than yesterday but still cold due to the persistent northerly wind. I was brave enough to cross the rocks and the dogs deserted me to make my own way. Sheltering amongst the trees on the way to Azzuro helped with the wind. We could only go as far as the river as it was a literal torrent although I think Skinny crossed it. Even the Crazies decided not to go across. With around 30mm of precipitation yesterday, I wasn’t surprised not to be able to cross. I expect the situation to continue for a few days.

We went the other way across the rocks and then back to base to feed the cats and take the Crazies out with Skinny. I kept a good eye on Skinny as he likes to slop off of late. The Crazies were dashing about having been denied exercise yesterday and little the previous day. In fact, they’re outside now disposing of some more energy.

It was getting windier so I made the DDs and had a cup of tea or two. Later, after a wash for the couple with the caravan who left today to return to the beach, I rode to Anatoli.

I just bought bread which I shared with Lucia who had just booked her ferry from Patras for 1 April. I said it probably wouldn’t sail due to the date. She has lost her Google password so I’m helping her to recover it. Lucia is a real technophobe of the first order!

The remainder of the day involved more sitting in the sun plus putting on a wash for the Spanish campers who gave me more money. I finished off the DDs and then fed the dogs. I have a salad this evening and have just washed off my black-eyed beans!

Today was much more pleasant than yesterday although there were a few spots early this morning and a few more on the way to Paleochora and back. Otherwise, so much nicer than the past few days.

Much warmer than yesterday but still windy but sunny. The next few days should be reasonably warm, sunny and stable.