There was rain in the evening but it was quite light so didn’t amount to more than .02mm.

I’ve not seen Perry Mason in a while so it was good to catch up with another 1950’s story of deceit with only one murder. Wicked nephew gets in with bored and lonely wife to embezzle loads of money from husband’s company. Only one person ends up being dead and that is the wicked nephew’s accomplice. Fortunately, Perry and his team get to the bottom of it and everyone gets their just deserts. I think I watched longer YouTube videos until I, very annoyingly, fell asleep!

I should have been a little more proactive about organising myself so that we could get out more quickly as there was no excuse for shirking as it was 18ºC (!) with no wind.

The walk to Azzuro involved crossing the river which I thought would be quite difficult as the sea and wind were still from the east. As it turned out, using a little forward planning in the form of a large rock, it was possible to cross right next to the sea. In fact, there was so much water further back it would have been complicated if not impossible to cross with dry feet.

Isabella came out of one of the gardens with something nasty she’d extracted from the rubbish outside of one of the houses near the end of the beach. All of the others managed to arrive for biscuits as expected except Luis who caught up eventually. The return trip was without incident and it seemed to get light quite quickly considering the colour of the sky and how dark it had been. It’s now possible to see without a torch from around 06:15-06:30 depending on the sky.

After feeding the cats, Skinny took the girls to The Promontory with a stop to drop off some glass recycling on the way. The company needs to come and empty their containers as I see the one in Paleochora is also approaching fullness too.

I rode over Panorama for a stop at Anatoli and then back to Grammeno where, for some reason, the electricity was temporarily off.

It was grey and miserable to begin with but slowly improved as the morning progressed. I put on a wash for Mickey and took it back to him a while later. There was a phone call from ELTA inviting me to collect a large package which had just arrived. I asked if it could be delivered as I’d paid enough for this service anyway. A short while later, the postman arrived on his motorbike with my new inverter strapped to his top box. He handed it to me with a bank statement for M Pontikaki.

Even though the replacement inverter is from the same company as the existing, it’s a different model capable of posting electricity back to the Grid. I spent time reading the instructions and set up the WiFi which enables programming from a phone. Things have moved on since I set up the first one. Then, it was necessary to peer at a small display and push buttons to select the desired settings. Programming from the comfort of a chair is much better.

The new inverter is yet to be installed although most settings have now been configured. I need to make up some new battery cables between the inverter and the battery switch as well as mount the battery switch on the inverter trolly. I have all of the bits now so I should spend time getting the other things completed before finally swapping things over. I shall also get hold of some replacement fans for the new and old inverters as I know these will fail and they are quite inexpensive. Hopefully, the same fans fit both inverters but that might be too much to hope for. Tomorrow or the next day might see the other inverter actually operational. I didn’t rush to do it today as it was a cloudy morning so the battery was a little discharged and I want to test everything before commissioning the replacement unit.

Bona and Noel came in and Bona actually had her keys with her! She gets her new teeth tomorrow so I understand.

Nina is holding Greek classes for those who wish them and I saw Mickey attending today as I brought back his laundry. Classes are at midday every day!

The mosquitoes are catching up with me so time to go inside. It is 18:00 after all!

A warm but dark start with a cloudy morning but a sunny afternoon, just as predicted by the forecast. Tomorrow should be sunnier from early on although there may be rain in the early hours.